Where silence is heard


The eardrums begin to grind as if the speaker of a concert was part of me. It vibrates so much that it scares me, I had never experienced it. Sitting on that ice top, surrounded only by the immense snowfall and the horizon that the small ship that has brought us glimpses, a sensation of immense solitude circulates through me accompanied by an overwhelming buzzing in my ears. There was no wind, not a drip, not even a murmur in the distance. I was attending for the first time the absent but at the same time intense ... sound of silence

"Escape to a rural house", "relax in a spa", "experience away from the stressful city" ... Slogans repeated to satiety and that convince us of a disconnection sometimes unreal. We have made artificial what only nature gives us when she wants ...

The silence of Antarctica, the Ice Continent

I proclaim myself skeptical of the balance between body and mind, of all these relaxation techniques, although I recognize that they are capable of experiencing changes in those close to them. Maybe one day my time will come while I think I have found my own trance and now I look for it wherever I go without too much fortune.

I suppose that only certain points of the planet accumulate that energy in a state of isolation and absence of other conditions, able to reproduce it. That's how he found me that December morning in Neko Harbor. Possibly at the time I had to arrive. A journey after a change in my personal life, a search for a turning point, a need for experiences completely different from all lived

That little Russian scrap would not last another year, although I still remember with a lot of love an adventure that changed my course, although something (rather someone) had already done it months ago. But still, he approached me by surprise.

He rested on that top having left behind those nice little animals that enlivened any landing, beautiful ice sculptures of icebergs or small (and large) "Peritos Morenos" in our ascent. Just looking at the horizon, the calm icy waters in the distance or the vastness around me already provoked in me that longing sought.

My classmates began the descent leaving me alone until their murmurs faded. That was when the silence joined the loneliness. No wind, no external agents, no life. Just a intense buzzing vibrating more and more intensely in my eardrums. It was overwhelming ... but at the same time magical. Something I could never have described without knowing it, and of which I still unaware of its existence

It was 2 or 3 minutes until the invading sound of the breaking of an ice floe in the distance, fruit of the sun, transformed an atmosphere that never returned

The reunion in the warmest desert on the planet, Lut Desert in Iran

Years passed. Wilder and dreamed destinations as the Peruvian Amazone, a desert island of maldives, he Black Africa, the South Seas or certain deserts, they altered that silence with the sound of the jungle, the scourge of the wind or the swell of the sea, no less magical, but different. And I lost hope ...

Lut desert. October 2013. They say there was a moment in this place that picked up the maximum temperature ever reached on this planet (+ 70ºC). Too statistical perhaps, right? If it is true that that night we were unable to sleep at 33 ° inside our tent sheltered by rocks from the wind that would strangely rise at midnight.

But it had been hours before, in the absence of this wind, when we moved away from the 4x4 that we had rented in Kerman to enter the desert with the intention of exploring it, it is possible that recklessly, disregarding the advice and recommendations of guides. Was a unique place, Martian. Something that is strangely seen on the planet, with those figures resulting from the erosion of centuries and the unchanging nature that flees from man in extreme places.

And suddenly he came back. Cameras turned off after an intense session, we lay down to see a vastness very different from the Antarctic but not less beautiful. The absence of elements and a series of factors allied again attracting us that amplified hum of recognizable silence before experienced and that, like a drug, immerses you in a feeling difficult to explain. It was again sound of silence, the one that I was looking for and could not find and that this time just wanted to give me a few seconds of his magic.

After that, I remember the pleasant sound of the fire, that of the peace of the night in the desert in an environment of millions of stars and that of the flight of the wind towards some nearby rocks.

The fruitless search for the sound of silence in the Arctic

Although humans play Gods on many occasions, we are only a toy for nature. Year after year she makes sure to show us that we are nothing more than invaders of her unavoidable wild, authentic, unwavering state ... and that only she decides when there is a bright northern lights, a beautiful rain of stars, a simple rainbow ... a thunderous sound of silence

We promised each other happy when we got that one trip to the Arctic in spring 2014. It was going to be there, sure, it met all the conditions that had caused that phenomenon on previous occasions. Isolated and wild corner of the planet, perfect weather in August, absence of people ...

... but he didn't want to come. We do not know the reason, but the fauna, the wind or the company decided that it was not time to return.

No, I don't discover today a lost corner of the planet that I haven't talked about before. Nor a different experience or an activity to discover. Today I simply use these lines to tell you about a strange phenomenon that wanted to come to me at a certain moment in my life wanting to say something ... but of which I still do not know its meaning. I'm still looking for answers, because my "drug addict" status still needs some of these doses ...

Isaac (and Paula), where silence is heard