Best content travel blog for FITUR


Although it was on January 9 when it was announced by the networks and officialized at the International Tourism Fair FITUR, I did not want to pass this award to save in a hole in the page to read in years. Keys has been awarded as best travel blog by content for the Social Media team of FITUR and an independent jury of professionals in the sector.

That diploma, which we received from the director of the fair already during the event, we wanted to leave it "guardadito" in a small drawer of the blog as I remember to read it one day when we are old.

Best travel blog by content

There are already several editions, specifically this is the third, in which FITUR opens its field to travel bloggers by promoting their professionalism from two points of view. On the one hand, the capacity of diffusion and influence among the followers, by request of votes through the networks, whose award has obtained for the second consecutive year the bitacora of Nelson Carvalheiro calledNelson Carvalheiro Travel & Food. The second award recognized the work of creating quality content, and in this case it was the FITUR Social Media team and a designated jury that decided the winner.

There were a few hundred bloggers from around the world (more than 500 according to his Press release) making the fair team the first screen and leaving 21 finalists, all of them very high level (and many of us who follow) and a single Spaniard (we).

The 21 finalists:

Udo Jürgen Weisner, Germany, Jo Igele Reiseblog
Enzo Ferrari, Italy, Inguaribile Viaggiatore
Roberta Martins, Brazil, Territories
Melvin Vargas, Nicaragua,
Lourdes Chuquipiondo, Peru, placeOK
Antoine Borg, Czech Republic, The Unexpected Traveler
Toya Viudes, Colombia, Colombia of a
Anneke de Bundel, Nederland, Nomad and Villager
Kherson Delgado, France, Blogtrip Blog voyage
Mela Mörtenbäck, Austria, morgenmuffelin
Christian Echeverria, Ecuador, #ChokoTrip
Phoebe Lee, Australia, Little gray box
Carlos Victor Ho Dieguez, Panama, The traveling dog
Gary Arndt, USA, Everything Everywehre
Melissa Araya Montero, Costa Rica, Traveler 2 Be
Isaac Martín Sastre, Spain, Cotters
Oscar Eduardo Mendizábal, Guatemala, 100% Chapin
Nelson Carvalheiro, Portugal, Nelson Carvalheiro
Maria Costas Novo, United Kingdom, Wild arrow
Andrés Vogler, Uruguay, Travel Logs
Victor Hugo Diaz Martinez, Mexico, I am a backpacker

He independent jury that decided was formed by one of the most important professionals in the sector. Names like Rosa Martín (Paradores), Bernardo Fuertes (Condé Nast Traveler), Javier Arruñada (Minube), Puy Trigueros (Tourism of La Rioja), Yeyo Ballesteros (Room Mate Hotels), Luca Bocci (Tourism of Norway), Guille Rodriguez ( Palladium Hotels), Marila Barrantes (RV EDIPRESS), Fabián González (Casual Hotels), Carolina Gómez (Tourism of Cantabria), María Cerezo (Tourism of Murcia) and Jimmy Pons (Rumbo, Hosteltur, Socialtec)

Finally, after several days of deliberations, on January 9 they awarded Keys, travel blog, newspapers and itineraries as the best travel blog by content for Fitur, which is a great pride for us after almost 9 years in the network

Award presentation at the fair

It has been the director of FITUR, Ana Larrañaga, in charge of giving us the diploma emphasizing that the decision has had three fundamental aspects in the decision: the quality, the frequency of updating and the innovative use of its contents

The great blogs that have been presented in this edition have also been highlighted, highlighting the second place shared by Anneke de Bundel (from Holland and author of Nomad and Villager) and Phoebee Lee (from Australia, author of Little gray box). The American Gary Arndt, author of the blog Everything, Everywhere, complete the podium.

And this award, how could it be otherwise, we thank all the Keys, that great community that already forms this little blog that has been growing year after year, and that if it were not for all those comments of encouragement or that you have been serving all the content that we are publishing, we would never have reached these 9 years of life. Paula also, especially for her patience (which is not a little), the true heart of the web. ! For new trips!

Paula and Isaac, with our new diploma