Visit to the Vidular Wineries, wine time and relax


Until not too many years ago, visiting a winery in Rioja or Ribera del Duero were the only wine tourism possibilities with a certain cache in Spain. Times have changed and today there are many families that convey their enthusiasm and enthusiasm and not only to the production of a white wine like Ribera del Asón or Cantabricus, but by creating a whole experience around him. And in Eastern Cantabria too? The visit to the Vidular Wineries He has discovered that in this search for formulas, the Durán family has achieved a white wine with a project that began in 1999

The regions of Asón Agüera Trasmiera, that lesser known Cantabria, continues to surprise us well beyond the hiking and disconnection routes sought. Caves, cave hermitages, charming villages ... and even wine routes

Vidular Wineries, the recovery of the vine in Cantabria

Anyone would say that this custom of cultivation of the vine that the Romans brought to Cantabria there by the S.I and that it developed over many centuries later, could fall into oblivion and almost complete disappearance in the 19th century as a result of pests and use of land for livestock.

Today, however, there are many entrepreneurs who decided to take the step and that increasingly growing culture that integrates tradition with the new demands of new generations. A) Yes Vidular wineries was born in 1999 as a result of the illusion of a family that decided to bet all their efforts on a white wine We started seeing in the white grape plantation, Chardonnay, Albariño and Treixadura varieties, the walk between the vineyards.

However, if Galicia had managed to be a reference in prestigious white wines why not in the rest of the north could there be other varieties of excellent quality? We are in the last autonomous community to recover planting rights, which together with the Basque Country and Burgos, has continued that trail

Possibly coinciding with that revitalization of that authentic tourism, related to people living in agriculture, it was the best time to create these valleys of clusters and vineyards that will be the future production 2015 of Bodegas Vidular.

A detail that makes us curious is to see a log with more than 10 years, which already give a homogeneous production in more than 10 hectares of own vineyard and where they have Very well acclimatized varieties such as Albariño and Treixadura. That if, using the latest technologies, all very mechanized and with great support from the Community, always important

The wine tasting of Bodegas Vidular: Ribera del Asón, Cantabricus and pomace

We like wine very much, but we do not fool anyone if we say that we are not great connoisseurs to enter into technical terms. It is possibly this aspect that has surprised us most of the visit since Mikel adapts his exposure to the public that is presented to him, trying to meet your needs with a pleasant, interesting and fun talk. If you have to do it from a technical point of view, you will do it, but if you have someone like us in front of you, the theme will derive according to our own interests.

In Vidular Wineries they are specially produced two wines, Ribera del Asón and Cantabricus. The first is a unique mixture of Albariño (60%) and Chardonnay (40%) while the second presents a mixture of Treixadura (80%) and Chardonnay (20%), although as a good winery a cream of pomace, white pomace and pomace of herbs they could not miss

Between a pleasant conversation and a laugh, it begins a small tasting Around the deposits, usually accompanied by local products such as cheeses, anchovies or chorizo, which together with a refreshing wine and this beautiful environment, gives the visit a unique and different experience to what one is accustomed to in this area.

The 2013 prize at the Madrid Fusion for the best white was a "little jump" in a project, which although it still has a small production of around 30,000 bottles, we still talk about just 16 years of life

And are there plans to keep growing? Mikel tells us that they have near Santoña already a small area of ​​farms that has been acquiring the winery and that they will serve tomorrow to give proximity to those who cannot get close to this remote place, even if it is dispensing with its most authentic part (in our opinion).

More than a winery, an experience with tasting menus and rural house

We are curious because we have seen it all these days, but they are Dutch and French, the most common travelers and tourists in these regions. In this case the explanation may come from that the world of wine is increasingly related to the concept of glamor, understand it or not, and although here every day we have it clearer, in these countries of Europe we still have an advantage

Around that, the Durán family was able to see (without being the main business) a series of alternative activities that added value to the experience. Thus arose around that wine tourism the construction of a restored manor building with almost two centuries old where today they offer accommodation adjacent to where the visits are made and stores the wine for packaging.

We are sure that some of the south will come in search of that "being able to sleep at night" in this location. !! You will not be wrong !!

In addition, if the offer is not enough, the proposal is complemented by tasting menus or gastronomic events what can you see in your web where broth of heifers tail, toasts of all kinds, cod bags, candied hake or mountain stew can complete a day of visit to the vineyards and perfect tasting

Useful practical data for your visit

How to get to the Vidular Wineries

This part is the one that has cost us the most to explain the whole story, and it is that we found it difficult to find ourselves. Maybe this makes me win even more for that feeling of get lost in an environment of vineyards and unique nature. The best possible indication is to use Google Maps to the next point ...

If, as we lose the mobile signal (it usually happens in these interior areas), it is best to follow the directions to Vidular and once there you will find the posters necessary to access the enclosure

By car, although the road is narrow, you should not have much trouble getting there. Another thing is a large capacity bus.

How much does the visit with tasting and pecking

Knowing the winemaking process, the vineyards, tasting and enjoying a typical snack of the gastronomy of Cantabria, is 8 EUR / person as of the date of this article (essential appointment)

How to book to go to the Vidular Wineries

You can book your appointment on the phones619710302 or 676998140in the email email protected or visiting the (also in the same contacts you can book your stay in the cottage if you wish)

I like wine tourism. Can I make a wine route through Cantabria Oriental?

Cantabria Oriental has already become a wine tourism destination because of its perfect conditions for the production of wine grapes, especially between the coast and the interior valleys up to the 600 meters level. You can complete your route by visiting the Bodegas Viña La Vida in Liendo, Bodegas Casona Micaela and Bodegas Montes Tejea in Valles de Villaverde and Bodegas Nate (in addition to Vidular) in Voto. You have much more information on the website

"I want to try some anchovies, a Cantabria cheese and a wine from the land, besides sleeping in a privileged enclave of the Unknown Cantabria" Visit the Vidular Wineries! Have you had any doubts? Good luck to your hosts, who also treated us great

Paula and Isaac, from Vidular - Voto (Cantabria)