Philips PicoPix 4350 Wireless, travel projector


Bieeeeeen! We had long wanted to open a section on the website of reviews to tell you about our gadgets (aparatejos but glamor version) that every day are more used when we travel. Router 3g, adapters for the mobile, a terminal block and many more things for which many ask us, although we have had to wait for the opportunity that they have left us to try a very different one (! WE GIVE YOU IT! Read below how to get it) to inaugurate our analysis ... !! A travel projector !! The Philips PicoPix 4350 Wireless. We tell you our opinion after taking it to Eastern Cantabria these days

A travel projector? You're crazy? Noooo! It is that technology advances more than our mind. This ... is "pocket"!

Philips PicoPix 4350 Wireless, analysis and opinion

Go ahead that we intend to give this section of reviews a different approach to the purely technical (which you can find on other websites) and even that will be reflected in the scores. And in addition to the gadget itself, We will value such important sections for the traveler such as the ratio of size and weight (essential in our luggage), being essential or not (in the case of a camera, it will be essential, but there will be others that can be dispensed with and will be more a whim) or the relationship price quality.

And here the Philips PicoPix 4350 Wireless has a lot to say, because if we talk in terms of ergonomics, quality / price or even autonomy, this mini projector already has many points earned. But let's go in parts ...

The first thing that catches our attention is the reduced packaging. Just a box no bigger than that of a smartphone, which includes the small peak projector, headphones, an adapter and an HDMI cable. It also highlights seeing a QuickLink USB cable which acts as a bracelet and allows, without any external cable, connect directly to cameras, external hard drives, computers and any player that has a USB port

The connectivity is total. In addition to the previous one, the Philips PicoPix 4350 has WIFI, HDMI and microSD input and has even thought of a 4GB internal memory to upload movies or presentations directly and not depend on external ones. All controlled with a simple Pad at the top with 4 arrows and an OK button. Simpler impossible.

However, as travelers, the aspect that has captivated us most in this test that we have subjected to in our trip through Cantabria, has been their reduced size and weight. It is a device that can be held in the palm of your hand or inserted into any pocket of your jacket or backpack, with measures 97 x 54 x 17 millimeters and 129 grams… !! a complete ultraportable !!

Sound? They have not forgotten him. Thanks to al 1W external power speaker available to you can play sound with amazing quality in the purest "home theater" style. Undoubtedly, another aspect that has pleasantly surprised us although we can also have your headphone output if we wish or even a Bluetooth audio function to connect to other speakers.

The uses of the PicoPix 4350 Wireless for the traveler

While all this speaks very well of this projector, it is the traveling part that interests us most and we do not fool anyone if we say that it is not one of those essential gadgets to leave home where still cameras, tripods, mobiles, tablets, laptops or chargers continue to occupy a fundamental space

However, the world evolves faster than we are often able to adapt, and we have discovered in the Philips PicoPix 4350 Wireless is an excellent choice for lovers of sports, mobility, entertainment on their trips and, above all, families with children, and for this we decided to try it with our own videos and live photos.

Everything was as simple as plug the projector into the laptop, although we could have done it too directly to the mobile, tablet or inserting the microSD in the same. Without cumbersome facilities or more complexities, we were able to enjoy a fun time during dinner by selecting the best snapshots of the day or even watching a movie before bedtime.

We are facing a system of 50 lumens WavEngine projection (1300: 1 contrast) with LED technology with an approximate lifespan of 30,000 hours, which allows to project high definition content with bright colors with a diagonal of 60 "(152cm) in any wall of the room you use (better white, clear) and even allows you to enjoy excellent image quality from side angles.

If all of the above is not enough, the gadget has also thought about possible uses for the outdoors, so it includes among its functions the SOS (we have not tried it), flash and emergency light

PicoPix 4350, its price and final verdict

Those who want more purely technical aspects will find more information in the Philips website. Its price has not yet been provided but it is believed that will be around 300 EUR and will be commercialized by Sagemcom (We will update these lines as soon as we have the final market price in Spain)


FINALIZED From May 31 to June 12, the projector can go to your home. You only have to meet 2 VERY SIMPLE conditions

1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you are not yet. (A very good series of short videos comes in addition to other videos like these)

2. Comment on the own video of Cantabria Oriental (philips-picopix-4350-wireless-projector-for-traveling-26.jpg) what do you think (Any type of constructive criticism is worth).

SHE email protected has been… Luci Marín !!Congratulations!!

We must recognize that we did not know this type of device, so almost everything seems to us PROs to incorporate it into a suitcase in future trips, especially for its ultraportability and autonomy. However, not being an essential (although little by little it can be made hollow) as well as the need to look for a flat and preferably white surface, could be AGAINST more prominent and commented, although not even the latter is completely correct because, as we can see in one of the official videos, (you have more on the Philips website) almost any surface allows you to reproduce with sufficient quality ...

In short, thePhilips PicoPix 4350 Wireless is an excellent bet that we would not care (much less) to occupy a hole in our travel backpack, although we are convinced that it is the traveling families with "kids" and the most adventurous who will know how to exploit all their qualities

Isaac and Paula, opening the reviews with the Philips PicoPix 4350 Wireless