An adventure trip ... heading to Greenland!


I remember with great affection that morning of December 3, 2009 (today is also 3, but July 2015) when, through the panoramic views of the dining room of the hotel where I was staying, while enjoying my morning breakfast, I watched that little russian ship called Molchanov docking at the port of Usuahia and that that afternoon he would be in charge of leaving the goal Antarctica. Those nerves, a mixture of uncertainty and desire for experiences, are already unmistakable every time I feel them and today, that return adventure trip ... heading to Greenland!, get hold of me without remedy

I feel that traveling enriches me, opens my mind and sustains me month by month, year by year, but I think my traveling genetics asks me for something else. He asks me for a Black Africa, an Amazon rainforest, an isolated desert, those polar territories or all those that share a common denominator among themselves ... that of being authentic, wild, unaltered places over time and at the hand of man that still allow us to enjoy from those adventure trips or even exploration in which uncertainty is more important than even the route to be planned

A somewhat different backpack

As I write these lines, always at the moment that they are going through my head and on the same night that things have happened to me (as I have been doing for the last 10 years of existence of this blog and maybe sometimes not with the fluidity that could have a revised text but of course never with as much freshness as these live newspapers that characterize us), play the hardest part of the trip and say goodbye to Paula

Paula, unlike me, does not have the flexibility to choose his travel dates, and this year he has chosen a route by car through a country unknown to many in August that we will combine with that sometimes necessary relaxation, although it promises to be An adventure She will reveal it to the return of Greenland and, to deceive us, she is more than 50% of the heart of Chavetas, she is the editor and her contributions are even much fresher, haha. !! Paulita !! In a few days I am back!

By the way, !! that would be without your help to do a backpack "something different" as usual !! Thank you very much my faithful travel accomplice.THE SERIES "TRAVEL TO GREENLAND" NOW IN YOUTUBEA trip like this deserved the best AUDIOVISUAL EXPERIENCE in ourYoutube channel. You can see here the COMPLETE SERIES and then the chapter of this day without leaving the article you are reading (does a backpack overwhelm you for such a trip?)…

Getting to Greenland is not that simple and less so for those of us who live in remote areas of Madrid and Barcelona. In this case, the latter will be the starting point for the main scale that is Reykjavik on a route similar to this

It was no more than 16'00 when my flight from Santiago de Compostela landed in the always beautiful Barcelona.

How to get to Greenland from Spain

There are only two ways of how to get to Greenland from Spain (remember that we always talk about the South area) in a more or less logical way, and these go through stop in Reykjavik (Iceland) or Copenhagen (Denmark). The first option is used by some to make Iceland + Greenland combined and the second seems quite obvious, as we had in "Greenland in 20 questions / answers", we are heading to territory belonging to the Kingdom of Denmark

Which airlines operate these routes? Knowing that the main international access is at the Narsarsuaq airport, the options go through two:

- Air greenland from Copenhagen on a flight of around 4-5 hours
- Air greenland (only in summer) and Air Iceland (eye, it's not Icelandair) from Reykjavik on a 2-3 hour flight

All this is very good but to start the adventure trip you have to get to Copenhagen or Reykjavik and the fact of coming to Barcelona has been because I go to the latter and I do it with an airline that I did not know called Wow air what operates from the airports of Barcelona, ​​Alicante and Tenerife to Reykjavik in addition to other international and I do it for a purely logistical issue to hook the flight tomorrow with Air Iceland to Narsarsuaq, because Iceland Air besides having as Madrid and Barcelona connections with ReykjavikIt has a great reputation among all European airlines and is preferred for all those who fly to the capital of Iceland.

Although after eating something (14 EUR) one of the surprises of this adventure was already presented to me in El Prat in the form of a familiar face, that of Ida, who with her husband Antonio do the same route as me and what we realized just a few days ago. It's already a coincidence! Same date, same program ... and same destination, as if Greenland would go every day. Although she is convinced that she does not like to go out much in the photos, I will tell you a little about my adventure companions (and how I convince her otherwise). And it is that this type of travel gets these groups of solidarity expeditionaries in that desire to overcome the challenges that arise day by day (and that unite more than ever)

22:30? After dinner something (16.20 EUR), time to board. They are waiting for us 4h flight between Barcelona and Reykjavik

Behind we leave the lights of the Catalan coast, already in the middle of the night closed that we can still enjoy in our latitudes ...

Iceland, an adventure trip for the future

Although the flight landed around 1'30 in the morning, it's already past 3'00 (on the return flight I tell you how to go from the international airport to the center and vice versa) when I finish this little text from the Reykjavik hostel that will make a mere stopover to catch the flight tomorrow in our room for 4 people. For 4? Effectively, Jose Carlos was present at the airport and something tells me that it will be an important component of the adventure.

I do not fool anyone if I say that Iceland is another adventure trip that I have wanted for a long time, although much more affordable to do at any time and always with Paula by my side. While I look around that clarity of a night that does not exist in the Icelandic summer, I realize again that feeling of restlessness, nerves and uncertainty runs through my body again. What awaits me from tomorrow?

Isaac, from Reykjavik (Iceland)