The character of Australians


The difference between this photo of the Opera House in Sydney ...

And this other of the same illuminated city icon ...

... in addition to the obvious difference in perspective, it's 8 or 9 hours of light at this time of year. Hours between which does the daily routine an 'aussie' in the capital of New South Wales, a population where we no longer have any doubt, we would come to make our lives with our eyes closed.

A life whose level is excessive today for our pockets, and that the budgets have overflowed us a little in a few days, so today we start making our own breakfast (14 AUD) in the kitchen of the Sydney Harbor YHA where we stayed. We have also taken the opportunity to put a washing machine and a dryer (3 AUD each), since there is also room for it, taking advantage of the free time to write a little in Keys, and organize a little to face the final stretch in Japan.


As visitors to Australia, we have been especially passionate about aboriginal culture that still survives, perhaps more or less exploited, but that well deserves a trip only and exclusively to this country. The galleries of the city allow you to enjoy this art based on stories and themes centered on the earth and its spirituality. It is possible that the most prominent objects are their spears, boomerangs, baskets, different ceremonial tools, as well as paintings, sculptures and other works, but the one we liked, no doubt, is a musical instrument that is also decorative called didgeridoo.


An 'aussie' turns its back on the rest of the world. While in Europe the negativity grows, especially in Spain, with the whole issue of the crisis of confidence, the risk premium, etc ... and the vast majority of countries in the world except emerging countries are mired in the serious crisis we face, Australians They open businesses, follow their lives largely outside of it. You breathe optimism and good atmosphere. People run until the days of the week through the streets of the city, others do spining in the great centers in the middle of the great avenues, others walk ...


Others simply drink a beer on a terrace of Circulas Quay (8 AUD) while they see how the seagulls have displaced the pigeons of the squares, or there appears some clueless Ibis that happens to be the king of the corral.


While is true that the language barrier is important to usIn 36 days with today's trip, and more than a month since we left the United States where we hear the last words regularly in Spanish, it has not been especially important and we have understood each other with some comfort. If in the countries of the Pacific the kindness of the people has been understood, here in Australia we have met a country full of optimism and joy that reminds us of Spain 5 or 6 years ago, where everyone was happy.

Further, The effectiveness and efficiency of the Autralians is great, their means of transport, their attention on the sites, their speed


A clear example is its free bus services in the city, or the agility of its airports, where we have been really turned on. Immense billing lines are dispatched with a promptness that scares. Not to mention baggage checks, where there are not 300 people asking for your boarding pass first, they don't make you take off watches or watches, or shoes, and then they even help you get things done. The boarding is no less, a 150-passenger plane fills in 10 minutes, since nobody asks for a passport or ID, you have your boarding pass and they show you the bar code and they check you without stopping. !!We like!!


But no less its hospitality, where except for certain tourist sites, from when you ask until you find your food at the table (27 AUD), it has not given you time to go to the service. !! We are fascinated !! It is possible that the 'Fiji Time"Samoan Faa'and the time of the Pacific Islands make us see everything with another perspective, but we don't believe it.


We have no news. Tomorrow Brisbane, and after Tokyo, if everything goes well and Virgin Australia and Jetstar behave

The 'aussie' that turns its back on taboos and certain pre-established rules in other countries, the one that has taken the good of each western culture and has optimized it, the one that has created really planned cities like Canberra to be its capital as we saw yesterdayHe is also kind and respectful. We had been told badly about the Australians. !! NO! They are really lovely. That girl who comes to you on the street without asking you to take a picture, or the one who leaves her mobile call to help you because she sees you clueless, or all those who have helped us integrate into places like Tanna (Lynn), Uepi (Kattie, Danielle, David and Ian), Mounu (Mr. Hood) or Kiribati (Mr. Ambassador")…

A new sunset, the last one we will see, does not miss his appointment again. It has not missed any day and today to say goodbye neither will


We crossed dozens of Japanese by the Bay Bridge we are walking through although today not because of its heights as we did the second day. They are already part of the life of Australians. It is possible that together with Indians (which we have also seen many), Chinese and South Koreans, they are the ones that come most from tourism, as to study, and Australia welcomes them. !! Very much!


We remember the views that we liked so much, possibly the best in the city, and we crossed to a new area for us, the north shore, where some of the busiest residential neighborhoods are located including Mosman, Kirribilli and Neutral Bay.


We set aside Luna Park amusement park, today closed, to go down a hundred stairs that we will then step back on our steps. The sun has given way to Monto, in increasing period, and its rays to the lights of the city that change the photo of its cover


He Harbor Bride lights up. For years it is the one that has the best situation to control the city, and fly over millions of ships, ferries, boats, chalanas, sailboats and cruise ships that cross the waters that fly over each year.

The same as the Opera, whose functions must be really exciting, and which is responsible for welcoming all those lucky to come by sea

The views from this side of the old natural harbor of Port Jackson, today Sydney Bay, possibly the last we were missing, are possibly the best we have had and the tranquility that is breathed, with just some other clueless couple in this small gazebo surrounded by gardens too.

We return on our steps, for two people who love gastronomy like us and, despite our tight budget, we could not miss the opportunity to try some of the local delicacies in some beautiful location


We have chosen the famous Waterfront (136 AUD), from where you can see the two icons, in addition to enjoying a terrace without having to go cold in this southern winter (still doing 7 or 8 ° C at night). The sky is completely clear and, although it is usually difficult, stars are seen from the city

We remember our friends Joseba and Margari, who spent here a New Years Eve. It must be really incredible, with all the fireworks lighting up the bay, as we see every day on December 31 from Spain (although lately we have spent almost none between Salzburg, Prague, etc ...) while we wait for our own year entry (photos from Google Images)


A glass of white wine, salmon, crocodile and a delicious kangaroo (There are more than 35 million kangaroos and only 21 million Australians, !! nobody worry!) say goodbye to our last night ...


… from a beautiful, magical, charming city, of those that will take a long time to forget, and as before we had not fallen in love with another. It is very far from our home but who knows? it may be possible one day to dream of living here ...

Isaac and Paula, from Sydney (Australia)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 191 AUD (apr'x 173.64 EUR)