Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane


No Paula no. I refuse to go to Brisbane in kangaroo. No, even if you let me drive it. What is it about going kangaroo? But have you seen how far Brisbane is? Decided, what else does a plane give more? if since you know me you must take about 80 flights already ...

Any means would be good for Paula that was not the plane. It is true that She is already more than used to flying. Some time ago, on a flight Seville - A Coruña took an air bag of those that seems to be so frequent where the plane falls 3 or 4 seconds that seem eternal without anything happening (and that has never happened to Isaac) and since So, although he is doing well, he has a certain respect.

Inevitably, the 1 hour and peak that separates Sydney from Brisbane (previous taxi for 45 AUD and 7 AUD coffee) is enough reason not to go kangaroo this time, or we would have to consider spending the month of August and September en route ...

We enter another of the states of Australia, Queensland, in the northeastern part of the country, the only state with a unicameral legislative system (Parliament of Queensland) and whose origins date back to the Torres Strait Islanders and Australian natives from more than 40,000 years ago! As always, the British arrived and bundled up, until in 1856 he separated from New South Wales.

At present, the large part of the state's population is concentrated in the southeastern areas where Brisbane, Logan City, Rdland City and the Gold Coast, being the first, Brisbane where we landed.

Again the airport is a joy, and in just 10 minutes since our Virgin Australia (another company for the list we took on this trip) lands we are already in the taxi that takes us to the place that will shelter us tonight. We continue with our policy of combining good places with cheaper places, and behind the Sydney hostel, today we have a motelito on the outskirts called Motel Raceways from which we have read very good reviews.


Indeed, it is a family business, with a series of small impeccable aparthotels in terms of cleanliness. And not only that, we are served by the owner and his wife with absolute kindness and they give us all kinds of facilities: they give us free internet for tomorrow's check-in, they order a taxi for us at dawn that would be difficult to obtain, they give us information on how to get to our destination today and they tell us not to spend money on buses or taxis, because there is a small jetty nearby from which you can access the "City" for a small fee.

Said and done, after getting our bearings, we leave our backpacks and head to Brest Wharf where every 10 or 15 minutes pass a kind of fast ferries called CityCat and that for 5.20 AUD each leave you in the city center in less than 30 minutes.


The walk is also the sea of ​​pleasant, as it serves as a tourist visit of what we are going to find at night.

Brisbane is a city of low houses and large quiet residential neighborhoods, where some lucky person has direct access to the river we are going through (and someone else has "extraás" type boats ... duck?).


This homogeneity It breaks when you pass the Riverside stop, with what people call the "City", which is still a "downtown" skyscraper, financial district and entertainment and shopping areas agglomerated in a good area of ​​the city

The modern Victoria Bridge joins the two areas that separates the river, and we will see more in depth at night. We talked about the Southbank and the main street Queen Street Mall, where the main buildings are located, and where we have landed

We don't waste much time, and we headed straight to the Queen Street Bus Station, an underground bus station, at the bottom of a shopping center, from where one of the two bus options leaves that will take us to our destination, BUS 430 (4.50 AUD each from the machine). The other is BUS 445 and leaves from stop 40 on Adelaide Street, near here. There is also an option at 10pm to go by boat but its price pushes us back. We also take the opportunity to make a breakfast (15.75 AUD) before starting the adventure of the day


The great reasons to spend 1 day in Brisbane before starting our Japanese adventure were two. The first is that it was the necessary scale to reach the isolated country of Micronesia called Nauru. Discarded this, we had the second reason, whose location is about 45 minutes by road and where we just arrived, the LONE PINE KOALA SANCTUARY.

We had read a lot about this place before, but it was thanks to the recent trip of our traveling companion Alma Nomada that we finally decided to come (we have spent with all the "caralladas" about 108 AUD between the two).

If there is something that catches our attention from Australia, besides being able to approach to the exciting kangaroos that we can surely do it in future occasions on a car trip around here, is see koalas. Seeing koalas is increasingly difficult, because it is an animal that is in danger of extinction, but ... and touch them ?.

This reserve also houses dozens of completely different types of species unknown to us. For example the wombata, a kind of giant rat that we see as soon as we enter.


But we soon see them. They are like teddy bears. There they are, scattered throughout the reserve in small trees.

They are Koalas ... really, even if they look like dolls put on the branches. !! We are in the largest Koalas reserve in the world !!, a natural framework of more than 20 hectares with more than 130 koalas cared for and studied, to the point of giving talks at different times of the day about them and the rest of the fauna of this particular park.


They are really adorable, with calm habits and completely lazy. Its limbs are short, with large feet with five fingers that serves to grip the thicker branches and fall asleep. In fact, the vast majority sleep in their forests of particular eucalyptus. his funny and friendly attitude, sometimes curious, it seems that of small newborn cubs.


It seems that koala populations can only be extended if they find the right habitat, with eucalyptus trees, and grow associated with adequate soil with sufficient rainfall and with other koalas living nearby. The really amazing thing is that they can spend the day sleeping, just to wake up to eat leaves. !!This is life!!


Mmmm… well, we didn't see each other all day in a tree sleeping and eating. What do you say Paula?

But what has really brought us to see them here, and not to another place (as it could well be in a Sydney zoo) is that we are in one of the few places in the world where it is still allowed to touch and hug a koala, under strict supervision and very careful coditions. In New South Wales it is prohibited

No koala is caught in arms more than 30 minutes a day and they also have 1 day of rest every three. !!What things!! Do you like your Koala Paula? You're going to watch over Tom ...

What do you say? What is giving you a hand? But if it's a sweet teddy bear ... hahahaha


For a moment we deviate from koalas areas and we see another animal that we had never seen. Is a dingo, a subspecies of Austrian's own wolf descended from the Asian wolf, although today it is not limited to Australia, and Paula recalls a story of a woman who was imprisoned in the United States accused of killing her baby although she maintained that she had been robbed a dingo. Later it would be shown that it had been true.

Of the Platypus We can't think to say. It looks like an otter, but it has a mouse skeleton. Namely where it came from. What we do know are the turtles that Paula loves so much, although these are elongated neck and flat nose.

But something makes us look. The Koalas, which are spread across the entire reserve by age or state ('boys', 'retired', ...), have an area for 'moms and their young'. See a newborn koalita Now that is priceless ...


Anyway ... we will let these particular bears rest, because otherwise we would spend here all day. Paula, do you remember Taz? Is the Tazmania monster? Well, it's not just a doll, but it's inspired by Tasman's famous devil or devil, evidently own only from the island of Tasmania in southern Australia, which are the size of a small dog with black skin, a strong unpleasant smell linked to stress and scavengers. There are several here, and today they are in danger of extinction because in 1941 they were considered a threat to cattle and were hunted. The females also seem to have a lot of difficulty mating ...


Towards the other side of the reserve we find an open area where you can walk among the animals, being careful to leave the door tightly closed. The first one that comes to visit us is an Emu, a large non-flying bird very similar to the ostrich that we saw last year in Samburu or Masai Mara, but something smaller. Its plumage is gray and they feed on insects and seeds, in addition to laying the eggs of color ... !! green! Curious Animalejo


The emus share habitat with another series of birds, including ducks and ... finally ... !! CANGUROSS !!

We are in an immense green area, where several species of kangaroos make their lives with other animals. But here they have learned to live with the man, and their food in addition to the meadow itself, are some sticks that can be bought in the central booth of the reserve. !! Come kangaroo! !! Come !!


Kangaroos are as friendly as koalas, and with them the great Australian symbol. They approach you without problems and seem very affectionate. His life expectancy is around 18 years


The red kangaroo is the largest of all and is usually found in the most arid part of central Austrlia, while the eastern gray is less known but is seen more frequently. Finally there is also the western gray kangaroo, smaller in size ... What is it about Paula? !! A kangaroo!

The big difference between kangaroos and koalas, in addition to all physical distances, of course, is that while there are around 35-40 million kangaroos in Australia, there are barely 40,000 to 80,000 koalas left, of the 100,000 that came to inhabit the country .

The kangaroos of the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary make a quiet and relaxed life, enjoying places where man does not have access to rest, or jump through the large meadows or simply feed and drink water

Feed them, live with them for a while, enjoy them outdoors, caress them, lie with them ... . It is a truly unrepeatable experience


We are especially struck by its powerful hind legs, feet specially designed to jump and its long, muscular tail to maintain balance

Its head however is tiny, to a certain extent similar to a dog if it were not for its elongated snout and its ears. Let's see… Who wants to pose for the photo? hehehe

With some pity we leave the enclosure, but we can't spend all day here (that we would). The park has more to do, from strange snakes, lizards, crocodiles to other types of birds that we are unable to recognize, even some of them free taking advantage of the remains "that some careless has not collected." We also take the opportunity to snack (21 AUD)


As on the way we take the 430 that passes every hour and returns us to the starting point (6.20 AUD each on the bus itself). 45 minutes that serve us to take a mini-head that is missing makes us early today, although the morning and noon have been very quiet and pleasant.

We will take advantage to walk the streets of Brisbane, get to know a city that enjoys 300 sunny days a year and is known as "the city of sunny days" (remember Balbeck, known as the 'city of the sun', in our 2009 trip to Lebanon).

Brisbane really made itself known since 1982, before he did not know her or the "cat", and it was thanks to the Commonwealth Games, whose success was consolidated in the World Expo of 1988 years later. It is a city that has always lived under the shadow of Sydney and Melburne but lately it seems that he has achieved his own name by becoming a cosmopolitan city, both in cooking and in diversity of events, and that causes us an effect similar to Sydney, finding ourselves at home as soon as we arrive.


No news, just praying that Jet Star will work well to arrive on time to Tokyo tomorrow

Its main street, Queen Street, is where the main shopping stores (45.45 AUD), brands and shopping centers are located, and is very lively at this time


And we could talk dozens of lines with the atmosphere that you breathe, but A store eclipses our attention and look. An Italian music calls to enter. Inside, two girls dressed in a sexy and provocative way, greet you effusively and invite you to meet "Kitten D'Amour"


It seems that we are in a unique store in Australia and in the world, with everything made by Australians, a store that combines an exquisite decoration, with lingerie and clothes of the most suggestive for women, dresses, bags and various jewelry (15 AUD) . Prices do not seem so crazy. It is one of those stores that is nice to meet on occasion.


It starts to get dark, and this time he catches us having a beer in King George Square Square where the beautiful clock that stands out among the skyscrapers sings 17:30

We cross Victoria Bridge. A big ferris wheel called Wheel of Brisbane claim us. If we started the trip with the views of the small but fun ferris wheel of Santa Monica of just 27 meters, it already reaches 60 meters. They are still far away from the 165m Singapore big ferris wheel, the 160m Nanchang Star of China or the London Eye we saw in London of 135m. And soon they will finish the Great Beijing Wheel of 208 m. We barely know, besides from the one in London, the largest circumference (with 112 m) in Yokohama wave of Odaiba in Tokyo of 115m


This area on the other side of the bridge is called South bank and stands out for its beauty and the wide range of parks, in addition to the best views of the city Skyline.

On the walk is also a buddhist tremor and an artificial beach of palm trees and white sand, as well as restaurants, bars and ice cream parlors. All this is inherited from the 1988 World Expo, especially the temple that moves us far from here. Is it another sign Paula?

On this side there is also a stop for our "fast ferry" and the schedules are late, so now it's time to go back to Hamilton (5.20 AUD each), the area just outside where we stayed in our rustic Motel, thus seeing the latest views of a modern city like Brisbane, capital of Queensland on its own merits.

As we have been seeing these days, Australia has not noticed the crisis. But who explains that a residential area away from the center of the city on a Wednesday night has 7 or 8 restaurants, which looks better for dinner and all of them crowded? Vangelis? Come ok (67.80 AUD) ... today plays Italian (attended with Japanese "Australians" as we have seen all these days and who are already part of the population) and then 5 minutes walk to the Raceways Motel.

It is possible that Brisbane not to be 5 or 6 days like Sydney, but just to enjoy its atmosphere, climb its Ferris Wheel and VERY SPECIAL, know a unique area like the LONE PINE KOALA SANCTUARY, well worth it.

We are going to sleep, because after this stop on the road tomorrow we set course for the last change of culture on the trip. Tokyo awaits us, for Paula for the first time in his life. Family, friends, readers ... we are still great

Isaac and Paula, from Brisbane (Australia)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 334.85 AUD (approx. 304.41 EUR) and GIFTS: 60.45 AUD (apr 54.95 EUR