Trip to Stonehenge, Bath and Bristol in 4 days


We tell you all the details and practical data necessary for the next adventure. !! We are going to a trip to Stonehenge, Bath and Bristol in 4 days!!

A first glimpse of the trip to Stonehenge, Bath and Bristol

TRAVELLERS:For the first time (and probably not last) we will share this trip with one of the best travelers we have met, as well as good friends already. Paula and Isaac (// we will share the adventure with Sele and Rebeca (//, with Maka and Eva (//, with David (a friend of Maka who lives in the UK) and with Victor and Ali (//

TRAVEL TIME: It will be, counting the days of displacement, of 4 days, as usual in our "long weekend" getaways. In this case the dates chosen have not gone according to the best travel time, but we will leave the March 18, 2011 to March 21, 2011 Wishing that the forecasts are broken and we find a good weather.

TYPE OF TRAVEL: Travel with friends. Travel for free.

ITINERARY:It will be updated in the "Travel Journal" section.

MAIN TRANSPORTATION: As we did in that trip to London 2007, we will use the direct flight between A Coruña and Heathrow, avoiding all passage through an intermediate scale (!! for a poor flight that we have direct, we must take advantage of it!). The one that was previously called Clickair now operates with another shareholder such as Vueling.

ACCOMMODATIONS:They will be updated in the "Accommodations" section. We will base in Bath for two of the three nights and the last we will return to London. What will be our accommodations?

- Bath: We will stay, after many laps, in the St. Christopher's Inn Bath, a central hostel above a typical pub in the city of hot springs. Its price is barely 19 GBP per night and bed for a mixed room of 12 people (of which 9 we already filled it). FULL ARTICLE OF ACCOMMODATION HERE.

London: How could it be otherwise, on our return to the English capital we will stay in the Balmoral House Hotel, a typical London house transformed into accommodation by a family a few meters from Paddigton station. FULL ARTICLE OF ACCOMMODATION HERE

ID: Although the English have nothing like it, they find it strange and they usually ask for a passport, so it is interesting to take it (you can always use it instead of the ID)
TRAVEL INSURANCE: Never leave WITHOUT TRAVEL INSURANCE! It is an insignificant amount with respect to what it can cost you "a bad experience without insurance". We have traveled with all types of insurance although now we always travel with IATI after the good experience of the trip to Switzerland. Do not have the slightest doubt that we tell things as they happen to us, we do not want to lose the veracity of our diaries, and it also helps us to travel, so If you need insurance and you are a CHAVETAS reader, now you save 5% by clicking here (THE DISCOUNT APPLIES DIRECTLY AND IT ALREADY APPEARS IN THE PROCESS)

LANGUAGE: English is the official language.
CURRENCY: The currency is GBP or pound sterling. At the time of the getaway the change is 1 EUR = 0.86 GBP
CARDS: It is possible to use credit cards without problems, its use is widely extended.
GUIDE: The Guide LONELY PLANET from London will travel with us again (since we have it from the previous trip).
PHONE: ROAMING works perfectly with most telephone companies that operate in Spain (Movistar, Vodafone ...)
INTERNET: It works perfectly and most hotels have WIFI.
SECURITY: Maintain the precautions of any European city.
VACCINES: It is not necessary any
ELECTRICITY: The voltage is 230 V / 50 Hz with flat plugs (See WORLD PLUGS)
TIME DIFFERENCE: At the time of the trip, the time is 1 hour less than in Spain.
RELIGION: 72% are Christians and the rest are several minorities (Muslims, ethnicities, ...)

Travel to Stonehenge, Bath and Bristol: An approximate budget

Traveling to the United Kingdom (like other countries in more developed Europe) has never been cheap. Thus, our tighter budget for this new getaway would be something similar to the following:

FLIGHTS TO CORUÑA - LONDON (i / v for € 118.25 / p)
236,50 €
ACCOMMODATION IN BATH (2 people / 2 nights)
90,00 €
ACCOMMODATION IN LONDON (2 people / 1 night)
90,00 €
400,00 €
200,00 €
TOTAL TRIP (2 PEOPLE)1016,50 €

To take into account that the large amount rises due to transfers Heathrow - Salisbury, Salisbury - Stonehenge, Salisbury - Bath, Bath - Bristol, Bristol - London, London - Heathrow, in addition to the visits we make.

What are the mysteries of Stonehenge's circle of stones? Why did Jane Austen fall in love with Bath's gardens? What will the return to cosmopolitan London bring us? All this and more during and around the trip ...

Isaac and Paula