Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii (and vicinity)


The room was on the corner, immensely large and with a terrace from which you could see part of the leisure areas of the hotel and our little piece of paradise beach Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, between palm trees.

It was amazing for us to observe that morning panorama of the Hilton in a place so far from our house. Right at the antipodes of our country. Twelve hours of time difference were too much and it is something that would take our toll on our return. Too much jet lag for any body.

A visit to Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii (and surroundings)

The first thing we did was go to the restaurant to have a good breakfast, since, following American customs, the food would be nothing more than a "snack" until dinner time.

From our table, outside, you could see the tropical garden, full of plants, waterfalls and some exotic birds, such as flamingos, a kind of tropical penguins, etc. We could also see the little piece of Waikiki Beach That belonged to our hotel. It was a charm of place, besides the buffet was not lacking in anything, you could almost choose anything you could think of for a breakfast.

After this, we were doing time, waiting for the driver-guide who would come to look for us to tour the capital and its surroundings. So in the meantime we discovered everything the hotel, shops, restaurants, etc. could offer us.

Finally the guide arrived who would accompany us during that day to tour Honolulu and its surroundings. He was a Mexican, with that special accent of that country and that reminded me a lot of the canteen movies that my parents liked so much.

East newspaper is counting offline years later (2016) and, unlike the rest, it has more sentimental value than practical data for the traveler (although it can be inspiring), representing that "great trip" that we all have and possibly being the final drop that led a family to be traveling Keys 😉

Our tour of the capital and its vicinity such as Diamond head which is a characteristic place known to both locals and tourists. The volcanic cone is also a state monument of the United States.

A small walking tour leads to the edge of the crater, from where you have a privileged view and in detail of the city of Waikiki and the Pacific Ocean.

It is a symbol of the Hawaiian Islands recognized worldwide. Many souvenirs and logos of surf shops around the world carry the peculiar silhouette of the volcano.

After climbing to this place from where the views of Honolulu were spectacular, we headed to the city to explore its most important corners. For example, him Yolani Palace that belonged to the first Hawaiian monarch David Kalakua or a monument to Kamehameha I which is located in the square in front of the Superior Judgment building.

Near the Chinatown is the Tantalu neighborhood. Tourists go for a walk through the town where it is possible to observe Pineapple forests of magical beauty, stroll through valleys and contemplate the mountainous landscapes.

Anyway, the morning was spent and then we took the opportunity to enjoy our paradise beach corner in the hotel throughout the afternoon.

At dusk we witness some Hawaiian folklore performances in the hotel garden between burning torches, most picturesque and then, of course, a good dinner at the outdoor restaurant, where we had breakfast in the morning and from which we had the opportunity to see the night fireworks, which really still today I do not know what they celebrated.

After having enjoyed this first day in a special place we went to sleep since last night we had not rested too many hours with the illusion of our next day on this fascinating island.

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu Beach

New spectacular sunrise in our privileged corner of the Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel. Once again, prepared to have breakfast in the wonderful buffet next to the tropical garden overlooking the beach.

Really It is worth saving to enjoy this kind of trip, although you may have to give up perhaps having other kinds of things, but you know, everyone has their preferences. There are those who think that spending so much money in such a short time does not look, but I particularly think that traveling is something that never leaves you unsatisfied, with its good and bad experiences, but the retinas are filled with colors, and the other senses they are flooded with sensations that do not pass with time, they are never forgotten and remain forever in the trunk of personal experiences like a great treasure. For me it is an investment in life experiences like what it was step on those beaches of Waikiki Beach in Honolulu dreamed for many years before

They were the expectations for this day, enjoy the beach until the afternoon when they would come to pick us up to head to a Hawaiian dinner outside the hotel, so we took the opportunity to take a few quietly dips in our particular corner of Wakiki Beach and the hotel facilities

25 years later, the memory is not what it was and I do not remember what we had for dinner but if the pleasant time we spent the four contemplating that picturesque show and chatting relaxedly with some Portuguese who were equally delighted with the show and who were amazed at how we had traveled so away from home with our children still not too old.

Traditional dances, catchy music and clothes that only before we had seen in movies did the following hours happen

On the way back they left us in a area full of stands in the capital where there was a certain nightlife atmosphere contagious and where we take the opportunity to buy occasional jewelry before walking to the hotel to end our day

Mª Carmen (and the Chavetas family)