Our favorite London markets


May 31, 2011, a new month falls. Month 6. Tic tac. Reflecting on future experiences, leaving behind the ghost town of Rasafa, we consider that type of getaways We can do in the second part of the semester of the year, once that impressive trip falls (whose contest / club will begin shortly) from July 29 to August 29.

He shopping day in Guangzhou He has raised in us a particular way of thinking. Romantic getaways, gastronomic escapades, cultural getaways, relaxing getaways ... mmm ... !! shopping getaways !!

We must recognize that we are not excited to get into the streets or shopping centers to spend hours to do the shopping (whether shopping, crafts or food) and, that is why, sometimes we consider how to do such a task in a fun way .

While it is true, a 3 or 4 day getaway can hardly be too far to allow us to fit a reasonable budget and stay, so Guangzhou would be ruled out. We think about markets ... who does not associate La Baquería with Barcelona? Or Capali Karsisi to Istanbul, Porta Portesee to Rome, Khan El Kalili to Cairo, the Trail to Madrid, Fleas to Paris, Orchand St to New York, San Telmo to Buenos Aires ...? Although of all of them, without a doubt, a city that raises passions for us as to markets is ... !! LONDON! and the number of flights to London thanks to Low Cost companies and previous visits in the London getaway 2007 or the recent Getaway to Stonhenge and Bath 2011 They have raised our desire to repeat.

They are undoubtedly Candem Market and Portobello Road, those that allow the mixing of tourist shopping trips and traditional places of daily life, those that represent the best opportunity to find oddities, eat well and buy even cheap.

Candem Market, that we already visited that one DAY 3 from the getaway to london 2007, is possibly the quintessential London market. It is located north of the capital, and is well connected by metro stop. It has all kinds of items, even the most varied (WC covers with faces, controls to control men or women, bars of "semi-legal products", shirts "geeks", or clothes of the most "sinister").

The best time to arrive is on Sunday, when most of the clothing and footwear stands are found, as well as a transformed street in a curious neighborhood ...

... to a colorful market and an incredible animation, full of tourists and locals, with so much hustle and bustle that the experience becomes a memory.

Portobello Road, North of Notting Hill, it is the second best known market. Its peak day is Saturday, when it opens from dawn until five in the afternoon.

Here, in addition to second-hand clothes and items, you can find absolutely picturesque antique stalls and craft shops

Covent Garden, that we also visited the DAY 3 of our Getaway to Stonehenge and Bath 2011It is possibly our favorite place. Here you can breathe a very special atmosphere, which mixes the cosmopolitan life of the city, restaurants and street artists, with all kinds of shops and leisure centers. It remains open from Tuesday to Sunday, being this last day of the week the most crowded.

But London still has more, because the British capital has more than !! 350 markets! between food, antiques, clothes, flowers or crafts. One could spend a month visiting London's shopping areas.


Alfie's Antiques Market, antique dealers (Tuesday to Saturday)
Billingsgate Fish Market,
fish and seafood (Tuesday to Sunday)
Borought Market,
food (Friday and Saturday)
Brick Lane Market,
second hand in general (Sundays)
Candem Market,
all kinds of items (Sundays)
Covent Garden Market,
Fruit, vegetables, clothes, jewelry, gifts ... (Tuesday to Sunday)
London Silver Vaults,
antique silver (Monday and Saturday)
Old Spitalfields Market,
unique articles by young artists, jewelry… (Monday to Friday and Sunday)
Petticoat Lane,
cheap clothes, toys and electronic items (Sundays)
Portobello Road,
all kinds of items (Saturdays)
Smithfield Market,
meat (Monday to Friday)

You can see all these and many more in the following map (of distribution by internet, not of own elaboration), which gives a global idea of ​​their location

It will be sooner rather than later when we load some "pounds in the wallet" (in many stands do not accept credit cards), comfortable shoes and take advantage of that weekend of sunny weather and good temperature, to venture into that shopping getaway for London that starts calling us so much. A city, a market. And the next adventure, in which city?

Isaac and Paula, from London (United Kingdom)