Eating in Porto: restaurants and typical dishes


Portugal is still, from the point of view of food, one of the most desirable nearby destinations for the traveler and Porto was not going to be less (besides cheap) but ... Where to eat in Porto? Which restaurants in Porto are more recommended and what typical dishes of Portuguese cuisine are more traditional? We take you, after our Oporto trip (Guimaraes and Braga) year-end, gastronomic route for the best recipes in the country that taste in charming places (tested by us) from the beautiful city, from its Portuguese desserts to the exquisite cod recipes, through more delicacies of one of the best cuisines in the world.

It will be ingredients such as fish, meat, olive oil, tomatoes and spices that you can find in soups, homemade bread, cheeses, as well as surprising combinations of meats and seafood. We are going to eat in Porto!

Eating in Porto: 12 essential typical dishes

1. Francesinhas

An essential among the typical dishes of Porto! A kind of traditional Porto sandwich Made with bread stuffed with different types of chopped sausages, a white salad and all this wrapped in cheese. It can also be accompanied with french fries.

Some restaurants cook it with roasted pork tenderloin. Anyway, accompanied by a good beer, one of the typical Portuguese dishes that you should not stop eating in Porto

2. Guts à Moda do Porto

A dish invented in the fifteenth century, when almost all the meat left with the great conquerors of new lands, forcing the inhabitants of Porto to eat the remaining guts. Because of this, the inhabitants of Porto are called “tripeiros”.

Of course, it does not look bad at all. It is a stew to gut base and yellow beanswhich is quite calorific (ideal for certain times of the year)

3. Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá

A typical cod dish originally from Porto, although very popular throughout the country. It is essentially a cod casserole, potatoes, eggs, olives, olive oil and onion. It is considered as one of the largest cod recipes in Portugal.

Gomes de Sá was the son of a rich 19th-century merchant in Porto. The family's fortune declined and the son found work at the famous Lisbonense Restaurant in downtown Porto

4. Bacalhau à Brás

Another way to prepare cod in Portugal and that we could taste on the other side of the river, in Vila Nova de Gaia. Its about "Brás style”, Which becomes a crumb cod.

The shredded cod is sauteed in a pan along with lots of onions and chips. This dish is finished with beaten eggs and topped with parsley and black olives. !Exquisite! Right Paula?

5. Bolinhos de Bacalhau

If, in spite of everything, you are not a friend of cod but you do not want to leave the city without trying it, eating your national dish in Porto is also possible in bain-bolinhos, literally translated cod fish balls.

It is the most popular appetizer of Portuguese cuisine. They are served at every meeting, party or celebration and is even considered as a necessity on the eve of Portuguese Christmas.

6. Green Broth

The Portuguese They love their soup. It doesn't matter if it's winter or summer to find one of their most emblematic typical dishes in most restaurants and homes. This is the green broth, which really only carries 5 simple ingredients that arepotatoes, onion, olive oil, kale and chorizo

7. Sardinhas assadas

If you are a sardine lover you should not leave without eating this dish in Porto traditional which is spread throughout the country. That is why it is very popular to hear the expression "Pull coal to your sardines" that means the defense of our personal interests and that has its origin in the manufacture of the dish.

The explanation of the recipe has no science, since they are still a roasted sardines with lots of potatoes and vegetables.

8. Baked Octopus

There are many ways to eat the octopus in Porto but the one we liked the most, without a doubt, was the roasted in the oven accompanied by potatoes, onions, tomatoes and with olive oil.

Highly recommended to eat it in the Ribeira area, enjoying unbeatable views

9. Cataplana

A typical portuguese seafood dishwhich is very popular on the coast of Algarve but that has spread throughout the country. Do you guess what it is?

It usually carries all kinds of seafood, in addition to cod and more fish, according to the restaurant or home where it is cooked. Its name, curiously, is received from the special kitchen utensil in the form of a casserole in which it is served.

10. Mussels in all types of sauces

Product of kilometer 0, mussels represents one of the best choices to eat in Porto in any of its typologies. In fact, we did it a couple of times.

With seaweed, with hot sauce, with mascarpone, with tomato and all the varieties that you can think of

11. Cream pie

Is the best known traditional dessertbased on the tradition of the Portuguese families, which is possibly the secret of its delicious flavor, wherever you take it.

It's really about small egg tart with sweet made of “massa folhada”. It twists is spiral creating a nest of hundreds of crispy layers, leaving inside a delicious hot pastry cream.

Restaurants where to eat in Porto (with lots of charm)

Taberninha do Manel

A typical, small and cozy tavern in Vila Nova de Gaiaand one of our favorites that we would recommend to eat in Porto. In addition its interior is a cool, lined in stone, with a decoration of ancient objects almost collectors that gives a different touch.

Typical dishes include pork and meat empanadilla tapas or the typical Portuguese sausage

Do not forget to taste the roasted sausage that is made on the same table by fire or the exquisite Bacalhau à Brás

Lady Goat Pe

He Porto's best restaurant for breakfast. Its main value is its family component since from the moment you enter it is all kindness. Ecological products, care details to the smallest detail and very affordable.

You can also have lunch and dinner although we could not do it. They say that wine is plentiful and sweets are for sucking your fingers.

To Tasquinha

We didn't have time to "try it" but they say it's ideal to eat in Porto for the amount of typical dishes available. Especially prominent are the fish.

Café Restaurante Guarany

One of the most famous in the city and we had the opportunity to enjoy. Beyond a good meal, the stay is pleasant with background piano music at night, an excellent treatment by the waiters and a place with a lot of history.

Also with magnificent desserts in which it is recommendedthe almond cake.

Santiago coffee

It was awarded for having the best Francesinha of 2015, in addition to having the cheapest price.

We can certainly attest to that. We would not hesitate to recommend it if you want to eat in Porto this famous traditional dish, more than any other.


A quaint restaurant with almost 100 years of life, with a family atmosphere, created with the stately style of the old houses in the north.

We use it to enjoy a good Reveillon menu on New Year's Eve, but it has a good reputation any day of the year

Chez Lapin

Famous restaurant in Ribeira where Portuguese cuisine stands out above any other, with dishes of all kinds such as cod, lamb, roasted octopus or cataplana.

We are right with our choices. If anyone wants to repeat, they weremussels with spicy sauce and baked octopus.

Majestic Cafe

Although we couldn't get in, we can't finish this list of charming Porto restaurants without naming one. institution in Portugal since 1921

However, its location and its fame have led it to be the object of mass tourism and although it is a place with a lot of charm, those who seek some more tranquility tasting the best products of the city, may not be your favorite place. Maybe a coffee to meet him.

And of the port wine cellars we do not talk? You have an entire article talking about them but if we have to highlight one about the most famous Calem, Ferreira or Sandeman, that would bela Quevedo, where besides tasting local wine and eating some ham or other snacks, you can listen to fado for free.

Did you find these dishes and restaurants in Porto charming enough that we have recommended? Would you dare to recommend other Portuguese recipes to eat in Porto and that may be missing from this list? We await your comments!

Isaac and Paula, tasting Porto (Portugal)