The rhinos of the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary


Always coveted piece of explorers, the Rhino He is the victim of a cruel trade that leaves a price of more than 40,000 euros per kilo of his legendary horn, a horn of "gold". Today, on the way to the Murchison Falls we will be able to discover an exciting project, of an attempt to reintegrate a fascinating animal into the savannas and forests of Uganda, where they were extinguished in 1982 and where they should never have disappeared ...

It hasn't stopped raining all night. What a storm. Here when it falls it falls. It is true that it usually does not last more than an hour. Here the climate changes more than in Galicia. Now, according to breakfast, it's sunny.

Leaving Kampala is hell, we have spent almost 2 hours. It is a permanent jam.

We continue to see numerous surveillance, with even tanks, but above all what we like the most is to continue observing people. The boys and girls (the keyboard does not have nhes or tildes) seem the same, they are shaved to go to school and the character is somewhat drier and introverted than in Kenya.

He journey to our first stop lasts about 3 hours. We are at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, a place we wanted to see.

He Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary It is an exciting attempt to reintegrate an extinct animal from the savannas and forests of Uganda from a rhinoceros breeding program. And why reintegrate? The rhinoceros was the king of these savannas and forests until they were annihilated by the war in the 80s. Currently they only exist in this area of ​​70 km2 and you can walk next to them (and above?).

However, it remains an animal in complete danger of extinction, and the killing continues, especially in southern Africa where 173 (4 of them black) were killed last year and its main destination was, the Asian market and especially China .

THE BLACK TRADE OF THE ASIAN MARKET: They were not huge horns but hooks of stuffed tigers and other animals. We were that DAY 3 in Guangzhou during the trip to Hong Kong 2011 and we were already surprised

And the most incredible thing was to see it in real "top blanket" stalls on the street itself

Before entering this extensive reserve, the ranger gives us a series of notices and makes us sign a document. Nobody here assures you that nothing happens to you. Rhinos are aggressive at close range, and warn us not to get less than 30 meters, on their way or make a lot of noise. In case they come to us, we can only climb a tree, hide behind some bushes or ... pray!

They also warn us of the danger of possible snakes and other animals, so it is safest to go in an Indian line and grouped next to the ranger. It is an experience

As we enter we begin to observe curious spiders and other speciess. With the one in the picture, we almost had a nose ...

Suddenly we hear a snort. The ranger crouches down and tells us to remain silent. They are there. The tension begins. They intuit in the distance. !! They are immense !! A few brown moles in the undergrowth in the distance, with hardly any definite shape.

Crouched, guarded by 3 armed rangers, we surrounded the bushes and reached a clearing where we can see a mother and her baby, which was curiously called Obama since her father was a rhinoceros from Kenya and the mother of the USA, in the shadow of these hours of the day

Rhinos are hugely heavy animals. The one after the elephant. They weigh up to 3 tons and although they lack sight, they have a sharpened sense of smell and hearing, being able to detect us at 30 meters without problems. !! Wonderful !! They are beautiful white rhinos, like the ones we saw in Nakuru.

The ranger tells us that on one occasion a partner was attacked by one of them. Miraculously he only had several broken ribs and ended up in the hospital but alive. We only approach a few meters, and thanks to the fact that she is a female and will not move away from her young.

The length of the head and body is 3.5 meters to 4.20 meters, but what is really shocking is its huge horn, for which so many animals have killed the colonizers in the past, and so many are still stealthily killing today (hence here they are protected day and night by several rangers who take turns)

Excited we return to the way we came but a few steps ... !! WATCH OUT !! !! STOOOOP !! The males that we did not see before begin to move towards us among the vegetation. At one point we see them clearly ... Two 3-ton beasts are approaching

With the heart in a puno, and the girls about to run away, the ranger manages to calm us down and moves us strategically so as not to disturb the passage of the animals. We become less than 10 meters from them. !! DON'T STOOP !! !! DON'T STOOP !! !! COMING HERE !! !! JUVEEEEE !!

!! Try passed! The wines disappear in the distance between the trees (we laugh for not crying, there is no one who climbs one as they said) and we set course back, propinilla to the ranger included (2000 UGX).

A quick stop in Masindi to eat (5,100 UGX drinks per couple) and 1 hour more puts us inside the immense park of Murchison Falls. !! SO THERMITEROES are spent here!

The landscape has nothing to do with what was seen before. We are in some dense forests, full of baboons and !! who knows !! What kind of animals await us. There is barely a path through which we enter almost eaten by vegetation.

At some points we see magnificent views. Norman seems surprised too, he is a very young lad. There are termites in the shape of a castle ...

At last we arrived on the banks of the Nile, which at this point comes from Lake Victoria to link with Lake Alberto. We will stay across the Paraa Safari Lodge, and for that We will cross by ferry.

Start at sunset. The ferry ride takes just 5 minutes, just cross from shore to shore, but we can already intuit what we will see tomorrow, hippopotamus, elephants and other wildlife

When you get off the ferry Norman notifies us of the presence of two furtive prisoners who have tried to hunt some exotic animal but the hunted have been them. You can see that they go without a shirt and with their hands tied back to be judged.

Of course that daily bench before dinner nobody takes it away from us. The pool at the Paraa Lodge calls ... and that cocktail bar won't go unnoticed, haha. The evening dinner is also very good (6000 UGX per couple)

Family, friends, readers ... we are phenomenal and continue on an adventure. Tomorrow awaits us early for the first Gamedrive in Uganda. !! See you tomorrow !!

Juve, Ruth, Isaac and Paula, from the Murchison Falls (Uganda)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 13,100 UGX (approx 3.39 EUR)