In the shadow of a mopane (12 photos of Botswana)


There are those who see the wings of a butterfly on the leaves of a mopane. Others, perhaps with some imagination, the ears of elephants. Be that as it may, this tree is the icon of a country where in the wettest areas it can reach heights of 18 meters and the favorite of antelopes, elephants, giraffes or baboons but, above all, a luxury spectator of a paradise of wild nature. 12 photos of Botswana …

… 12 experiences of an adventure that stop time, 12 unforgettable moments of a Botswana safari that has exceeded any expectations and it seems to me unrepeatable in any other corner of the world for the high degree of luck factor that has accumulated (added to an exceptional team of professionals), that which nobody controls.

12 photos of Botswana, 12 moments of a unique mobile Safari

As the great Xavier Moret did in "In the shadow of the baobap" on his trip to "the hunt and capture of the largest and most legendary tree in the world", we left that September 1 in search of that wild and authentic African adventure that we longed for for a while now (and that has cost us to choose). The difference between an authentic safari and wandering with a 4x4 through the Botswana parks is more than subtle. It is the difference between Feel really part of nature, listen completely to the lions alone marking their territory on the dark nights of the camp, have hyena or elephant visits and know that you are in the heart of a natural park without barriers, without cars (We have barely found the entire trip except in the north of Chobe), with roads that barely mark the wheels of a vehicle that can hardly be seen ...

It is the disparity between seeing animals in a adulterated park or feeling inside a wild ecosystem. It may be difficult to explain because the fauna you see may become the same, but when you have lived it you realize that the perceptions are not equal. Do you want to know 12 moments, 12 photos of Botswana, 12 snapshots that we will not forget?

1. A scenic flyby over the Okavango Delta

It is said that Maun can be considered as the gateway to the Okavango Delta. What was clear to us that there is no better way to do it than flying over it by plane and contextualize the place where we were going to stay in full captivity during the following days and from where we saw the first herds of elephants, buffaloes or giraffes.

For those who want a greater approach, there is also the helicopter option as some of our partners did.

2. The "dance" of Moremi's zebras

I must admit that we had not seen them like this in our trip to Kenya. These nice herbivores of permanent striped pajamas He was one of the first to appear at our entrance to the Moremi National Park and they did it in a very special way ... "dancing"

Zebras take their particular "day nap" standing and watching all angles, feeling protected by the group

3. A crawl like we had never lived with a final prize

If I had to stay with a particular moment of the whole adventure (and there have been impressive ones and they do not appear on this list - final surprise for the stories -) surely this would be in my top3. Intense safaris that began with spectacular tracks never lived, studying each footprint, listening to the communication between birds and antelopes and even preventing movements.... with final prize!

After all, the "Book of the Jungle" and "The Lion King" were not so wrong. I will always say it ... 80% of a safari is a good guide. We had the best!

4. A boat trip at sunset on Xhobega Island

Although the moments of more adrenaline have been given to us by the inhabitants of these "sets", the gifts that Africa gives you with the sunset hardly occur in other places on the planet.

Our incursion into the Okavango Delta, making night on Xhobega Island (with night visit included that I will tell you in the stories), gave us one of those magical moments that stop time surrounded by a world of birds that would fascinate the most passionate.

5. A mobile camp in the middle of wildlife

No doubt the great success of the trip. Away from expensive lodges (it is almost unacceptable to go to Botswana in them) and in the middle of nowhere, our Meru stores, with even bath and shower inside (so as not to have to go out to deal with hyenas or elephants - or who knows what more-) and an excellent staff with a cook, have facilitated focus on pure safaris and have a shelter and food every noon and every night.

It would be impossible to explain our mobile camp in a few lines so I will make a story dedicated exclusively to this concept that served as great incentive for our decision where I can assure you that we have felt an integral part of the wildest fauna (but completely safe).

6. A walk between elephants of the Khwai River

There are 10, not 20 ... not 50.! More than 100 elephants !, as many giraffes and more antelopes came to our way at the exit of Moremi with a small detour to the Khwai River (taking advantage that we were well on time). Little elephants sucking, members of herds playing, diving in the waters of the river and 2 cars of Spaniards with almost no word at the scenes

Life in its purest form. A treasure for the eyes. One of those photos that will never forget my memory.

7. The fight for the survival of a leopard in Savute

Willie, our guide, sees it in the distance. It crosses the road in front of us (alone, like most of the safari, just the two cars that we separated for the intense traces). Cry, scream, ... call your mom who has gone out to look for food (possibly two days ago) leaving it in a hill shelter

The hunger of the poor puppy of just 4 months has been able to overcome his instinct to feel protected in his den. Will your mom come back? We discovered it the next day, but that remains for the stories.

8. The king of the jungle ... and of the pack

Elephants, Giraffes, Buffaloes, 4 leopards, 4 times herds of lycaons, some hyena ... !! and exactly 60 different lions! It has been roughly counting an absolutely unrepeatable safari. But it is the male lions, with their slender mane, the true kings of the jungle ... and of the pack. Lionesses and puppies look forward to your feast respectfully.

Do you want to know all the scenes we have seen of them? Will not be missing

9. One wildebeest, 3 lionesses and a load of elephants. The story of a pond in full drought

The deep drought in Botswana this year has been a perfect dish to gather those who have not decided to migrate around the main water flows or seasonal ponds. Can you imagine the rest of the act?

They say that although you have done 20 safaris in your life, each one is different, as it was every sunrise or sunset in that small accumulation of water.

10. The best sunsets on the planet in Africa

Someone ever told me that when you go to Africa, Africa always comes back with you. !It is true! And the best reflection is in its sunsets that are recorded on your retina to never forget

Yes, there are beautiful sunsets in many corners of the world, but in Africa every afternoon they are more beautiful than the last.

11. A team loaded with positive energy, the animals impossible to see

Roanes, lycaons or wild dogs, desert foxes, rateles or the saber they are animals that can rarely be observed in freedom, some in danger of extinction and others for their more elusive customs. The positive energy of this group has been such that no one has missed the event although much of the success is seen by Willie and Costa and the team of Mopane Games Safaris and the innovative concept of intensive safari

Oscar, Reyes, Isi, Patxi, Patri, MCruz, David, Noe, Sele and Anabel and the decision that the mornings did not end at 10 (the main scenes we have seen at 12'00 and 13'00, breaking all the myths, as we will explain)

12. An end at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia

Maun, Moremi, Okavango Delta, Savute, Kasane and P.N. Chobe north ... what better way to put the icing on the cake that in one of the most extraordinary waterfalls in the world? Victoria Falls!

But there is much, much more to tell you that can not explain even a photograph. Feelings, sensations, encounters and scenes of pure wildlife With some surprises! Are you ready to read the stories of what we bring? Coming soon Cotters and in Sele's Corner

Isaac, with his heart still in Botswana (well, and another little piece with Paula)