Routes through Rome, design your itinerary (P5)


The most exciting moment of any planning is here ...! Design the itinerary for the trip !. It is time to, with all the preparations and research work done so far, definethe routes through Rome that will support our4 day getaway, mostly walking tours. We have it all? Flights purchased, accommodation booked, travel trip insurance hired, main entrances chosen ... We are more than ready to start with the routes to visit Rome that we have chosen

The time has come for draw your itinerary with a map of Rome in your hand or with those we have prepared in the article. Anyway, here we can say that your journey begins!


"1. Choosing the things to do in Rome (P1)" Which are your favorites for the itinerary?
"2. Map of Rome with detailed plans for your trip (P2)" to place all the attractions
"3. Excursions from Rome (in Spanish or by free) (P3)" to complete your trip if you have more days
"4. Vatican and Roman Colosseum Tickets! NO TAILS! (P4)" which are possible to buy online
"5. Routes through Rome, design your itinerary (P5)" Have you decided all the above? You already have a final itinerary
"6. 30 Tips for traveling to Rome important (P6)" Those details that have escaped you. Review them with us.


We propose the routes organized by days (as if it were the first time we visited Rome) because we would do so once or a thousand times including new discoveries every new trip.

Routes in Rome, how to organize them?

Days or times of the monuments that you want to see or visits that you would like to do, free tickets or even know a week before what time you will have on your trip and to be able to decide better what to do, all this helps you to plan your trip to Rome, and how we always say, it’s time to fit it like a puzzle but taking into account two important aspects:

Do not be very strict. A part of the trip also consists of enjoying, for example, taking a leisurely stroll and observing what is happening around you or taking into account the waitings of the restaurants in your time.

Leave room for improvisation.It will allow you to vary some of your itinerary on the fly. Although we propose you a planning, in the end it is you who has to decide what moments you have to be "more flexible".

CHAVETAS ITINERARY: We take this article to include the visit to Imperial Rome on Saturday. Therefore our itinerary is ...

DAY 1/29 September (Thursday): North zone (arrival 11'20)
DAY 2/30 September (Friday): Vatican - Trastevere
DAY 3/01 October (Saturday): Imperial Zone (including Roman Colosseum, Forum and Palatine)
DAY 4/02 October (Sunday): Central-historical area (return next morning)


Puzzles embedded? Let's go for it! Time to assemble the pieces without forgetting possible

Designing our route through Rome and definitive itinerary

This will be our definitive "starting" itinerary but of course you can design it as you want, always within a logic, of course, so here we will give you the strokes of the walking routes in Rome What we plan to do. Good, valeeee !!!, also to which places we have the eye to eat (you know that gastronomic tourism is an important part of our trips). The photos in b / w and the cover are from the image bank of Shuttershock

DAY 1: North Zone

Good part of the morning we will be walking and enjoying Villa Borghese, One of the points we have marked on our map. It is the largest park in Rome, a large maze of land with many places to enjoy a walk and if it is sunny it can be spectacular being ideal for cycling if you feel like it. Inside we can find some museums of great importance such as La Borghese Gallery It houses works by the most important Italian artists such as Bernini, Rafael, Tiziano and Caravaggio. Another place of interest, the Monte Pincio, one of the seven hills of Rome, if you want to have one of the most spectacular views of Rome, you can't miss it. The Piazza del Popolo and the Santa María del Popolo Church, other essentials of this day 1, exceptional Renaissance Church, contains the oldest stained glass windows in Rome, its most important feature ... contains works by Caravaggio!

What else? Well, back, the famous Spanish Steps with his Church of the Trinita dei Monti, of privileged location.

At its feet, the Baroque-style Fontana della Barcaccia represents a half-sunken barge and, of course, the Spain Square, One of the symbols of Rome.

And what do you think about traveling? Via Condotti in the afternoon ?, we can refer to it as the "fifth Roman avenue". Here we will find the stores of the most famous designers (we hope that at least the shop windows deserve worth jajajaj). Behind theVia Veneto, another street to walk, we will turn a little to walk along the Dolce Vita de Fellini, the Fontana de Tritone, inside of Barberini square, and since we are here to contemplate for a little while this source, one of the first made by Bernini. Here is also the famous Bernini Hotel and ...! Fontana di Trevi!

What to say about this source !!! Few qualifiers are left to describe it but we will still try. It is the most famous in the Eternal City, spectacular and imposing. It rises before you among the narrow streets you travel to find it. This is where you throw coins to ask for your wishes.

And while we stroll we have three more Churches that we can see: The Church of San Luigi di Francesi, The Church of San Andres del Quirinale and the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels

GASTRONOMIC SUGGESTIONS: Pizzeria Piccola Roma, Caffé Greco, Trattoria Tritone, Il Chianti Wine Bar or Spaghetteria L'Archetto

DAY 2: Vatican and the Trastevere neighborhood

The Piazza di San Pietro with its columns representing the open arms of the Church or the Basilica of Saint Peter o Vatican need little presentation, right? Still we will say that it is the seat of Catholicism and that the climb to its Dome that deserves a separate mention and where you can enjoy incredible panoramic views of the city even if you do not forget to read how to optimize your trip with the article of

The visit toVatican Museums He will "present" you with real jewels and one of the best art collections in the world. As a culmination, of course, the Sistine Chapel.It is not an urban legend, you will be speechless before such wonder. Of course an experience in itself, a hidden treasure inside the Basilica.

An extra experience could be the visit to the Vatican Necropolis where are the tomb of the Apostle San Pedro. And we could not forget in this area of Sant'Angelo Castle in the surroundings, once the Adriano mausoleum and today houses a large collection of painting and sculpture.

The afternoon (or even if you got up early I could give you time to get to eat) we can spend it in Trastevere

It is a neighborhood to get lost in its streets so full of charm and enjoy its cuisine in the many restaurants or trattorias you can choose

The Church of Santa María, one of the oldest churches, the via Lungaretta one of the best known for its restaurants and, if we agree, the market for Porta Porta, complete this area

GASTRONOMIC SUGGESTIONS: Carlo Menta, La Fraschetta, Pizzeria Ai Marmi, La Scaletta, Tratoria Dar Poeta, Ombre Rosse, Casetta dei Trastevere, Tratoria Meridionale or Panino Divino

DAY 3: Imperial Zone

Walking through this area will mean transporting you to ancient Rome. If you want gladiator dress and contemplate the Roman Coliseum or emperor in front of the Forum, haha. Not only will we see the main part of the area, the day will give us many more things… do we start with what to see on this day?

He Coliseum, the impressive amphitheater of gladiators, although there are plenty of words to define the symbol of Rome par excellence. Right next door, theConstantine's Arch, a very cool triumphal arch that looks imposing from one of the windows of the Roman colossus.

The mountain Palatine It is mandatory (enjoy its stunning views) and the Forum, the former political center of the Roman Empire, no less.

The Capitoline Museums they are another essential in the tour that houses one of the best Italian collections of classical sculpture although we are called even more the Massimo Circus that in ancient times housed car racing although it will be necessary to have a lot of imagination.

Some of the interesting Churches in this imperial zone could be: The Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, famous for the Bocca della Veritá, the Basilica of San Pietro in Vincoli where to contemplate the Moses of Michelangelo, San Giovanni in Laterano, formerly the Cathedral of Rome and the Basilica of Santa Maria la Mayor.And why seize the day for a visit to the Catacombs of San Calitxo?

GASTRONOMIC SUGGESTIONS: Pizzeria Luzzi or Pizza Forum

DAY 4: Downtown-Historic Zone

We can start the day by Il Pantheon, known as the Temple of all the gods, possessor of the most extraordinary concrete dome (which we could well have included on DAY 1 if we had wanted to)

The route will take us to the Navona Square, The most famous square in Rome with its fountain representing the four rivers, is spectacular and of course essential

Campo di Fiori, Today, it is an important center of Roman life where you can spend an evening more than pleasant to enjoy a Roman sunset.

We list in passing some Churches that we cannot ignore: Iglesia de Santa Maria sopra Minerva, the only gothic church in the city, the Church of San Francisco de Loyola, one of the most beautiful baroque churches and the Church of the Gesú, first Jesuit church in Rome

The Piazza Venice, famous because we can know the monument to Vittorio Emanuelle

Other interesting points of this area: The Colonna de Marco Aurelio, located in the square of the same name, and the Palazzo Farnesse, impressive palace that today houses the French embassy and the Palazzo Spada

GASTRONOMIC SUGGESTIONS: Da Tonino, Da II Baffetto, Giolitti Ice Cream Parlor, Monte Carlo Pizza, Boccione Pasticceria or Navona Nott Restaurant

Are all the preparations in Rome ready?

Yes but no. Since there are a number of basic tips that you should keep in mind and that we, as far as possible, were telling you but Rome ... gives so much! (hehehehe) that doesn't give you the feeling of visualizing an end. Transport, Rome Pass, internet card, luggage, clothes ... We will talk about all this in the last chapter of preparations but ... We are ready !!! And you? Have you already defined your routes through Rome with your definitive itinerary with your walking tours for your trip?

Paula, Isaac, Silvia, Javi and Cris, preparing Rome again