Memories of a great African trip


August 29, 2011. !! How quickly time passes !! It seems that it was yesterday when we left home with our backpacks and all the illusion of the world. Gone are the savannas of Kenya, the dense forests of Uganda or Rwanda, the volcanoes of RDCongo, the great cities of Nairobi, Mombasa, Kampala or Kigali, the beautiful beaches of Diani or the incredible wildlife that this nature holds and that we have in Danger of extinction. Returning home is not a step back, it is the best moment of every trip, because it is from there that we may begin to value what we bring here. We return to Spain ...

Each and every one of the thousand points that we discover the body must have hurts. Not only because of the effort of the descent of the Nyiragongo Volcano, but because last night we fell for the KLM flight that takes us to Amsterdam and the postures we have had to take will have been the most typical of a "cocopuzzle"

With an exquisite puntality We landed at Amsterdam International Airport for the first time in our life, since we had never agreed to stop here and when we visited the country in 1993 we would do it by car.

Here, and after a month in Africa, the first thing that "surprises" us is the character of people, much drier, routine faces and racing and stress through the terminal. Quickly we realize that this is what awaits us in the coming months ... the hard return to reality that will absorb us again.

However, many people have repeated a phrase or motto on these dates that we make very ours. In these hours we may be saying goodbye to Africa for perhaps some time (we will return sooner than later, we have no doubt, because we have fallen in love in a way that did not get other recent destinations) but there is something we have very clear, Africa will never abandon us.

While we wait for the new flight that will take us to Madrid, we still remember the objectives that took us here ... that invaluable animal life that this part of the planet has, that first animal, the GENERUK that welcomed us in Samburu 30 days ago ...

Of course that called BIG FIVE that integrate the magenous elephants, the ghost leopard, the missing rhinoceros, the imposing buffalo and the impassive lions ...

... the no less fascinating, which we have called SMALL FIVE, as are the fearsome hippos that showed us their most tender face, the stylish cheetah, the false hyenas, the nice giraffes or the crocodile patients ...

… and those who do not differ so much from us like the blue monkeys, the curious chimpanzees, the impressive mountain gorillas, the baboon thieves or dozens of species that would result in a single article

We have also been passionate about the large number of contrasts that their ecosystems have given us, and the experiences that we bring from them. From those herds of elephants playing at sunset on the slopes of Kilimanjaro

to the dense forests of Kibale or Bwindi Impenetrable N.P. from Uganda ...

… going by one of the best experiences of our life in the crater of the Nyiragongo volcano

… the beautiful canals or waterfalls of Kazinga or the Nile and the Murchison Falls

… the Acacia savannah that we fly over in a balloon in one of the essential places of this planet, Masai Mara ...

… that masais fire who welcomed us on the cold night of Loita Hills ...

… that rest provided by the eastern beaches of the continent, a perfect kit-kat to continue the journey ...

... and of course, those sunrises and sunsets, for many of the most beautiful on the planet ...

But if we had to choose something above all, they are its people. We have seen misery in northern Kenya or in RDCongo, a lot of poverty in Kenya or Uganda, some excesses in Rwanda and possibly places more "tense" than you should. What we have not stopped seeing is smiles, kindness, generosity, occurrence and unconscious happiness of children in a place on the planet where having 4 or 5 per family, some without schooling to work, is day to day.

We have distributed notebooks, pencils, candies (already already), t-shirts and all the love we have been able to ... although it will never be enough.

While there will be time to develop the usual final trip summary, we have almost completed the penultimate journey of 2 and a half hours that takes us from Amsterdam to Madrid, again on time.

A quick meal with a good beer in the terminal (15.40 EUR) and a last flight half an hour late (Iberia, how strange is it?) Leaves us at 17'00 on August 29, 2011 at Alvedro Airport ... and there the first farewells arrive.

He group is divided, and although we will be close and see each other regularly. Juve and Ruth, Paula and Isaac, we know that what gives us a trip like this is very difficult to find every day. Of course, we have made the best equipment for a trip. Juve, how is it that you have been preparing a season to go thinking about the following? hehe

… August 29, 2011 at 17'00 means something else. It also means that almost exactly 31 days, 1 month ago, since we went out the door. Even the face has changed us, some more than another, hahaha

!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE !! Family, friends, readers and anonymous, because we have felt your warmth even in the most isolated moments we were.

An adventure closes, a trip, an experience. It is time to collect memories (which we have brought a lot, we fall in love with crafts), photos, moments and start a new countdown ... Before, at the end of September, a small stop awaits us. But all these are already part of other experiences ...

Isaac and Paula, already at home in A Coruña (Spain)