Motorhome return and flight from Alaska


Now I can say it… I haven't had such a long return from a trip in my life! The hours have fallen one after another and I did not see the end to see those accomplices, Paula and Nico, who wait for me impatiently (and I more) after so many days thousands of kilometers (sometimes incommunicado). I have always said that for me the best day of a trip is that I return home and that will not change even in the greatest adventure I can do. Return of caravan, day in Anchorage, flight and stopover in Seattle, another to Keflavík in Iceland, another ten endless hours enlivened by the Icelandair Saga Lounge (and thanks), more flights to Madrid and finally, after almost 4 days ... the best possible reception

At this time of night, when I get ready to write these lines, I hardly remember what the starting point was and I have to dig through the notes. We had stayed a few miles south of Anchorage after visiting, do you remember?

Motorhome return in Anchorage

The last night in the motorhome has been somewhat different from the previous ones. Perhaps because of the feeling of being close to civilization or knowing that we are starting a long return. The alarm clock rang at 8:00 because we have to condition the motorhome before returning. Also the last breakfast has been slightly different, this time without lakes, moose or some landscape that removes the hiccups, but surrounded by those rams of Dall so famous for these parts.


Yes well in the motorhome pickup managed by America Tours More than 2 weeks ago, they were all doubts, missions to solve before leaving and some respect, for your return the most you should know is that you have to return it with the full tank for no extra charges, empty of internal trash and gray and black water (There is a prepaid option so you don't have to be aware of what we did before leaving) and control extra miles and generator hours that you have done for liquidation.

After refueling (61 USD), we have emptied 3 trash bags from the motorhome! (it is said soon). The fact is that food has not been beyond any breakfast thing and a couple of cans of a soup that didn't excite us but perhaps we weren't as "ordered" as we thought, haha. The return has been very very simple, verifying the 16 hours of generator used (at 3.5 USD, about 56 USD, confirming that entering the campsites was not necessary in our case) and that we had spent 213 miles of the 2,000 prepaid (USD 74 extra)

A good summary of the trip are those 2,213 miles (3,562 km) traveled with exactly USD 739.62 of gasoline, something like 18 l / 100 km in the equivalence we use in Spain.

A day at the motel "de los horrores" in Anchorage

Our initial intention was to have known a little about Anchorage and write an article for future travelers but do you want me to tell you the truth? Anchorage is ugly ugly ugly and beyond passing city, it does not attract attention at all. Yes, there is an area of ​​shops and restaurants with little charm and little else. Thus, we set a taxi (USD 19.75) towards the area where we stayed on the way but theAlex Hotel And Suites we liked the prices so much (as you can see tomorrow is July 4th) so We had no choice but to stay in the motel opposite, a guy Barratt Inn Anchorage Airport that I wouldn't know where to start talking about him ...

It could be saying that you imagine that horror movie of the typical roadside motel where even the meeting with the same receptionist gives you an idea of ​​what is going to happen there. After making time with some coffees (4 USD) to give us the room, we enter through a old carpet, typical of those old accommodations from decades ago. While I take a couple of things out of my suitcase I see Sele stuck to the peephole in the door. What are you looking at? It turns out that the receptionist has been knocking hard on the front door where has a lord without pants and told him something like he had to pay and that they couldn't spend so many days there. Instantly a "young lady" has left behind leaving the "scene" of the crime. Anyway, between that and eat in the Chinese-American restaurant (USD 42.45) where the one who attended us has even started to sing in the karaoke while a kind of drunken "Johnny Deep" laughed thanks in a sidebar and give A walk along the jetty of the back lake where they sell seaplane excursions, the hours are gone

We slept even with the room chain on, in case the flies ...

Flight from Alaska to Spain via Seattle and Keflavík

I have no memories of such a beating even when I came back from Ushuaia, at the gates of Antarctica, Longyerbyen in Svalbard or Japan, both farther points accessible by plane where we have been. Not even on the trip to the South Seas in which we gave a peculiar first round the world. The return was not going to be only via Keflavík as the first leg in that one, but we were expecting a flight to Seattle and its subsequent stopover, another longer to Keflavík and an endless dead end to finally undertake the last flight to Madrid (and in my case night and another trip to Coruña the next day). Palizón!

The positive part, which you always have to look for it, is that Iceland Air operates its flight from Anchorage to Seattle with Alaska Airlines and so one can observe that our "hated" Iberia is still light years away from what will be a good airline


I am an admirer of technological advances and the world that comes as long as I don't lose the human part that makes us different. I hear only complaints about me about the robotics that replace our work and multiple arguments that I am not going to try to refute but they seem to me an interesting debate. What I do know is that there are people who will be replaced and I WILL BE HAPPY about it. Why? Because I firmly believe that there are a fundamental difference between a machine and a person who is "humanity", "empathy" or "close attention" and that is valid for a restaurant, a telephone operator or a flight attendant. That is precisely all that the lady who attended us did NOT have to, in the most unpleasant way in the world, tell us that my suitcase spent a few GRAMS of the maximum allowed by the company. Perfect, we took them out and put them in Sele's suitcase, but for keep insisting (more unpleasantly) when 60 grams were missing! Miss, the difference between you and a machine is that when it tells me that I spend 60 grams, it will be because it is programmed for it but surely it will not make me as angry as the lack of humanity that some customer service people have. The day you lose your job in exchange for that robot, I won't feel it because you are expendable and replaceable. It does not contribute anything that does not have a robot. Well yes, the value of generating tension and this is valid for all those people in the day to day

USB, plug, WIFI on board with more than acceptable speed and the most beautiful views from a part of Alaska that is not accessible by road

We say goodbye to Alaska on Independence Day in a journey of about 3 hours and 20 minutes and we landed in Seattle leaving behind a part of Canada that I am sure awaits us in the future. Nor would the Seattle area be a bad option to visit. However, it will be another time because the scale is so short that we hardly have time to eat a tray of sushi (USD 15.45) that we had bought. The 4.30 pm flight to Iceland is ready to leave on time

He flight to Keflavík lasts, neither more nor less, 7 h 20 minutes to add to the account. Start with good views of the bay known as Puget Sound, next to the Pacific Ocean and quickly enter that white desert that we met first hand in the trip to Greenland.

And, if that wasn't enough, we have 10 hours of stopover in Iceland ahead ... apuf!

Icelandair Saga Lounge, the oasis that saved our return

Do you have to decide when it's worth traveling to pay something else? I am one of those who have always thought that I can survive in tourist class on long-term flights because I will use that part of the budget in activities or whims in the destination. In this case, after so many hours, the whim is to be able to afford a shower provided with a towel and gels, a fireplace, a good breakfast and later food, wifi, recliners and a spacious lounge. I would not have discovered it without Icelandair's staff agreeing to allow us to enjoy it (a small advantage of having a travel blog after many years of dedication although here I leave you the rules of entry to the Icelandair Saga Lounge)

Sele fell asleep a few minutes after breakfast. I, however, endured a little more and preferred to shower first and sleep later until the call of our flight to Madrid (another 4 hours) appeared on the screen

My return journeys would still be extended one more day as the flight to Coruña left the next morning, thus ending the largest flight journey I have ever had on a trip. However, and looking with perspective, the trip to Alaska, whose diary ends with this story, it has been an authentic adventure far beyond what we could expect full of experiences, spirit of improvisation and flexibility that this motorhome of America Tours in our first time. Exam question, What would I keep if I could only choose one day of the whole trip? No doubt that Bear Clark sighting tour he encounter with the Alaskan Grizzleys will be kept forever in my retina. Until the next adventure!

Isaac (with Sele), already from A Coruña after a great trip to Alaska by motorhome

EXPENSES OF THE DAYS: USD 272.65 (approx. 247.86 EUR)