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his look lights up while the eyes begin to shine. His face can't help but smile. Travel is passionate And listening to how he counts and lives his stories is a real pleasure. With a firm voice, accompanied by gestures and everything you find around, is able to take you with him to a dream, his dream, the dream of any traveler, even get up if with it he manages to further acclimate the situation, achieving what few people can convey accompanied by incredible experiences (of their more than 60 countries already sealed).

"There is no man more complete than the one who has traveled much,
that has changed twenty times in the way of thinking and living" - Alphonse de Lamartine

Somewhere in this world ...

His name is Jose, Sele for friends (among those who already include us), and is one of those people who have not gone unnoticed in the Hispanic travel community, enriching with quality their true travel "documentaries".

Rebeca It is your faithful companion. Your resume, extended to 28 countries visited This same weekend is no less despicable. Always has a smile. He always has a conversation. Cheerful, fun, friendly, witty... the perfect complement to a couple with whom one could be talking for hours and hours until fatigue could be with us.

We still remember the times when we discovered the "old" Sele's Corner. We were passionate about reading their stories of the trip to Syria, Jordan and the Balkans or especially that Trans-siberian to the one Sele It puts so much love on it. In fact we had already written our own self-reminder in that article of Essential Travelers Blogs along with other travelers that we really want to meet, especially Florencio, great creator of true tales of Fmanega for the World.

After several previous attempts, and even with the lack of Sequoia keys that for work reasons they could not attend -a very strong hug from here for them that surely the next one (that will be) will not miss it-, we finally managed to set a date for a first meeting near Lake Sanabria, making night in the town of San Justo (in the deep Zamora, hehe).

While we expand the information of the getaway in our traditional MY COUNTRY section in the coming weeks (you already have a very complete article in Sele's Rincon) We can anticipate that it has been A FANTASTIC WEEKEND, much better than we could have dreamed before and full of many parallels (we did not know we had doubles so close, hehehe). UPDATE 12/14/2010: The getaway with all the details is now available IN THIS LINK.

It all started on the same Friday when almost synchronized we arrived at our log cabin in San Justo and we realized how well we could get along (there is no one to stop us, haha)

On Saturday, how could it be otherwise, we visited the Outskirts of Lake Sanabria, the largest lake of glacial origin in the entire Iberian Peninsula and with stories and legends worth discovering (which itself Sele took care of telling us). In addition, this moment served for the birth of a logo and a pet we will talk about in the near future.

On Saturday he gave for much more, from a walk through "a place in this world" (video for the memory of which one day we will publish the "so it was", haha) ...

... even one of the best tributes all summer (brontosaurius included, haha) in one of the most incredible locations to enjoy beautiful views of the Lake (as we always say, "you don't have to go to the other side of the world to enjoy them")

And of course, there was no better time than the one in which the true passions of travelers are seen. Ideas for the afternoon were not lacking. Since making a story "Afternoon of Wolves", emulating the magnificent story of "Night of Hyenas", ruled out as a bad season for wolf watching (from September) until approach the Portuguese border (visiting the picturesque villages of França and Rabal) where the idea came up and the 4 in unison release a "! GO THERE!", being also one of the anecdotes of the trip, since Rebeca sealed her country number 28 in her passport. As she said well ... "South Africa, Indonesia, USA ... and now Portugal, hahaha"

Back, Puebla de Sanabria, on the banks of the Tera River, with its beautiful Castle of the Counts of Benavente and its attractive cobbled streets, led us to say goodbye to a most complete day

The weekend still gave for more, because before leaving, we took advantage of a horse ride through the beautiful natural landscapes of Sanabria, a place that is well worth enjoying at least a week. Sure we will be back !!

People are like colors, we are many and very different. We never thought we would meet two people so similar and with whom to feel so comfortable talking about traveling dreams for hours. and They were already sister websites, now they are not only that.

And although some will call us exaggerated, we didn't want to close this little article without launching a risky reflection high. We have met traveling people, we have read adventures and experiences to hundreds, but we have NEVER met anyone in which so much flow true passion for travel. We consider ourselves faithful fans of for us one of the greatest travelers that Spain has given in, possibly, its history, Jorge Sanchez, and we believe that this weekend we have been with someone who is already more than a promising candidate. Thank you very much Sele and Rebeca for making us here participate in this dream traveler. AND, as an old friend says, remember ...

"Traveling is investing in life" - Jose Miguel Redondo, SELE

Isaac, Paula, Rebeca and Sele, from Sanabria Lake


Be sure to read all the information (and more videos) of this weekend in THE CORNER OF SELE