What to visit in Punta del Este


Although last night when I arrived I had fears about what I would find in Punta del Este, these have dissipated since the first hour. I guess it is not the same to see things without mass tourism that ravages them in high season.

Punta del Este is a "Varadero" or a Benidorm in appearance, but nevertheless breathes tranquility 15 days from these dates. People run, bathe, surf, walk and enjoy the good day that has come out. After breakfast, I turn to the Playa Brava or hand beach, which gives directly to the Atlantic

From Punta del Este to Brazil there are 144 km of uninterrupted beaches. And in Brazil they follow. Here is also one of the symbols or icons of the city, the hand of a famous Chilean sculptor ...

I never thought that traveling could only happen to so many anecdotes. Today's is not to stop laughing. Walking along the beach, he greets me Ze Barcellos, a very nice Brazilian. After a relaxed talk he asks me if I am a professional photographer, to which I obviously say no, but he insists that if I can send him a photo of him protesting in Uruguay "against the death of whales and global growth". Anyway ... for not being rude (and because it seems like a good slogan), here goes ... subliminary manifestation in cotters, hahahaha

Anyway ... Punta del Este is a peninsula. In part it reminds me a little of Coruña in its geographical disposition. At its tip is the place where The Atlantic Ocean and the Río de La Plata are divided. Punta del Este is a place practically of Argentine and Brazilian tourism. Accompanied by the day, walk through the Brava ...

In the area closest to the tip the panorama changes, there are much smaller houses, circling the lighthouse. However, Punta del Este was nothing more than a indigenous fishing village in its beginnings ...

I cross to the Río de la Plata area. This entire area is protected by the peninsula itself, and it is already seen that the waves change. It seems that it is not allowed to do works during the tourist season, so they are taking advantage to finish the last works.

Here I know another charismatic character, savior, a very affable retired already. While he invites me to mate (everyone goes down the street with his canteen and his matte hookah) he tells me that I work in Ferrol during the 70s, in the shipyard. He is interested in how it is, he gives me his phone number and tells me to call him for any problems he might have. I have a nice time with the music of his car in the background

Father!! Carmen Ports !! What happens, that as there are no breakwaters say nothing? Take breakwaters !! He port of Punta del Este It is a natural harbor. The current pier is a breakwater. It is very small and barely safeguards some sports facilities and a few fishing boats. Even when she is small she is a pimp…

Taking advantage of what happened next to where I am staying, the Hotel Remanso, I manage to get a towel. I don't want to waste the day it does without claiming some sun for me. The day is extended. I'm already arriving at Playa Mansa, which overlooks the Rio de la Plata, much more prepared, with wooden walks and a beach bar.

I spend the rest of the morning like a sea lion. There are not many people. I don't want to imagine how this will get in 15 days.

!! How it hits !! And yes, I have sunscreen !. I'm already black! LOL. It is as if the sellers of clothes, soft drinks, caps, were doing their own training for the high season. There they pass up and down. !! How hot !!

Of course, it shows that it is "almost" Atlantic because the water, although quite clear, is MUUUUUUUUUUUUY FRIAAAAAAAAAA.

Hunger squeezes, and after having tried in previous days, Uruguayan fish (flounder, shark), chivito, Uruguayan barbecue, ... today I feel like trying together a very cool beer, a "Pamplona" (a very rich stuffed pork). All this together with an ice cream about 641 UYU including tip (here it is customary to leave 10%)

Already in the afternoon, I approach the Port again. Such a thing had never happened to me. If the day of Cabo Polonio (DAY 4 TRAVEL) I had seen so many for the first time sea ​​lions together, today I will be able to observe them closely. Here is the country's first reserve, with 260,000 copies, but some of them have been leaving the island for years and it seems that there are 14 in the natural harbor, who have made it their home. In the morning they were not there, but now they are there, I can almost touch them, with a "Spanish" nap ...

They are very meek animals, they just mess with people (or people with them). By the water another companion appears. Really what I am seeing is not wolves, but the big family, sea ​​lions. !! What a joy !!

!! Nap time for the second! It seems that they have even a name, since they have many around here, but I did not get to know a local who told me. In addition, they are allowed to take photos without a tip. Here the closest I've been (and will be) to an outdoor sea lion in nature ...

The other copies, as I said before, are in the Los Lobos Island, in front of Punta del Este. There you can only arrive by boat and do not let you disembark (logical thing). The lighthouse of the island is the highest in South America, with about 89m, and is monitored from the lighthouse of the city. It's a spectacle to see these free bugs ...

Excited (because these things are what I like) I throw towards the rich neighborhoods of the city (after water supply 250 UYU and 170 UYU), and towards the outskirts. The Carrasco area It has real cool of houses (valued at approx 5 and 6 million dollars). I am curious to see how there is hardly any security anywhere. And is that in Punta del Este nobody steals, there are no thugs or robberies. It is a very very safe city ...

But the area of ​​Carrasco remains poor, when I enter "Beverly hills". Houses of 46 million dollars around the Ralli Museum (Miró, Changall, Dalí), a very exclusive museum, that there are barely five in the world, and that does not allow more than one house to be built in its surroundings by" block ". Of course, this type of houses has to be famous: footballers (Marcelo Salas, Zamorano), rich and powerful from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay or Colombia, models, F1 drivers and even Berluscoli (as it was going to be missing ...) Do we save for a little house here?

Anyway, I have already given myself a "cure of humility" so I continue to the outskirts, reaching The bar, an extension of Punta del Este that has become the "Ibiza" of the city. The main street is transformed in summer, mixing people from the town with tourists and celebrities, all together without problems, drinking in the street. That tells me little, but I like the exclusive bridge through which you access, a winding bridge designed by Engineer Leonel Biela

A day like this could not say goodbye without a beautiful sunset. I have been told very well about a place, Punta Ballena, where there is a house-museum (120 UYU) to sit down for a beer (100 UYU) while the sun goes down and they give you a Neruda story in the background. The truth is that I thought, within its preparation, very original ...

The sun is lost by the Río de la Plata, and I am running out of a new day in Uruguay ...

My last night in Uruguay the dismissal giving me a tribute in the "Guappa" Restaurant where after having tried almost all Uruguayan drinks (beers Patricia and Pilsen, Grapamiel, Clericó, ...) I had to try a good wine and I did not waste the occasion (840 UYU tip included)

If the sunset was beautiful, no less beautiful is the Uruguayan night today. The moon, which tells me many things, looks like a huge cheese in the sky ...

As I said at the beginning, I did not have high hopes for Punta del Este, but I have to admit to be fair with reality, that I had a great day, in which I had everything (quiet walk, good day, beach, lions sailors, a beautiful sunset and a moonlit night, etc ...). I don't think every day in this place is like today, but this is what I take

Family, readers, friends and company ... I'm still very good. Uruguay has left an excellent impression on me. Tomorrow I say goodbye back to Argentina, but as I promised Cabo Polonio, I will be back…

And as my good fellow travelers say, Yadnakis and CIA, THE BEST IS YET TO COME ... (blog, by the way, I highly recommend everyone, I love it). A hug

Isaac, from Punta del Este (Uruguay)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 2,121 UYU (approx 72.39 EUROS)