Victoria Falls from Zambia (and return through Dubai)


The Zambeze falls dry at this time of year (September) waiting for the new rains to recover its power, the one we saw yesterday in the part of Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe. Today we will see the other side, that of Victoria Falls from Zambia to be able to compare and why not? dismiss the trip in a big way.

The adventure ends. Farewell companions, long journeys and fatigue (I admit, I feel exhausted) but ... a small scale in Dubai I was also going to leave my first partial vision of a futuristic city, created in a desert, in which I had not yet been.

Victoria Falls from Zambia in the dry season

Always I will remember those dinners in the middle of nature, among wildlife, from all points of view. The adventure, the feeling of freedom, the adrenaline that produces being surrounded by eyes of the most special fauna of the planet ... but also the disconnection, to recover the values ​​that a traveler should have leaving aside any contact with civilization and technologies, including the telephone, for 8 days. It was to reach Kasane and the group, I first, have recovered bad habits, which has worsened at Victoria Falls.

Even so, the strength of the group (the best of my traveling life) has been such that everyone's farewell has been very emotional. First Reyes and Oscar, heading to Namibia to continue their adventure (! Have a great time guys!). Later Patxi, MªCruz, Isi, Patri, Noe and David, with whom we have had such good times although with the first 4 we have left back to the Victoria Falls Park from Zambia

It has almost no water but still impress. Such a canyon in front of us is an imposing and privileged formation, only reserved for certain places on the planet.

If we remember the Victoria Falls map we saw yesterday, from the AVANI Victoria Falls Resort or also called Royal Livingstone, there are barely a few meters to access with a kind of bonus that you get with the key to your room. Best location impossible for breakfast and stand here, without long excursions or walks.

I investigate a little more and read that really here was before "the egg that the hen". He Zambeze River travels kilometers and kilometers of savanna slowly and slowly. Just seeing its upper plateau from the part of Zambia gives an idea of ​​that behavior. That is when he directly throws himself into the abyss at this point, to nothingness ...

Interested on this fact, we advance between the rock formation of the Victoria Falls part from Zambia, already within the protected enclosure. There are no antelopes here (nor lions, haha) but there is a manifestation of baboons from all sides, even crossing the small suspension bridge which, with them, is a nuisance. It does not hurt to have our belongings well secured.

From this area, the drought that plagues the region this year is much better. Just a waterfall, a waterfall or the closest thing to a thousandth of what can be seen in another era

Although if we are strict, it really seems that this huge throat that our eyes see did not exist millions of years ago, but that it was a tectonic movement that opened the longest waterfalls in the world (1,700 m)

From the corner of the edge of Zambia you can see the part of Zimbabwe we were in yesterday. We already see the early risers getting the best view of the water fall and, even, the water vapor rising to the distance where it falls with more force and intensity, contrasting with this part. There are also those who take the opportunity to do some risky sport at the bottom of the canyon.

From here, crossing an opening of about 100 meters, the river is lost another 200 km to Lake Kariba, leaving behind the tranquility that it brought to face a more winding and complex route encased.

Excursions from Victoria Falls in Zambia that can be done:

- The Devil's Pool: Possibly the most famous and recommended although they have risen to "the vine" with prices. A formation that looks like a pool on the same edge of the cliff (103 meters high) allows a dip in the dry season with the typical photo that looks like you're going to fall (but the rock prevents it). In the rainy season it is unfeasible and this year, unfortunately, it was not worth it for 135 dollars
- Cruise on the Zambeze River: A beautiful sunset breathing the magic of the surroundings while enjoying a drink and a pleasant dinner. There are a lot of ships. Isi, Patri, Patxi and MªCruz did it yesterday and they really liked it.
- Helicopter ride: The best view of Victoria Falls from a privileged perspective. Expensive but unique (around 180 dollars). This year, the perspective loses half of its route, so we discard it.
- Elephant safari. You can imagine how they have to train wild animals to allow them to be used as pets, right? Well that, absolutely inadvisable.
- Rafting: Cross the most agitated waters of the river and challenge nature in a privileged environment
- Ultralight flight: Fly like a bird? This is the most similar experience. Ufs, just imagine it gets goosebumps
- Gamedrive "Rhino Encounter Big 5 Safaris": Safari that includes rhino sightings for around $ 80. For $ 95 they have a version of walking between rhinos with a ranking

Also from the closest part to Zimbabwe we can observe the bridge we crossed yesterday in its best perspective

The route has been smaller than yesterday (after all, the Zambian part of the park is smaller) and It allows us to compare both perspectives without changing much the opinion we had. You have to visit them from Zimbabwe!

Relax in the Zambezi Sun

I must admit that the Mopane team has been able to choose a perfect base to end their exclusive trip. Beyond their mobile camp, they have managed to combine it with a final experience that leaves an excellent taste For our memories.

THE SERIES "JOURNEY TO BOTSWANA" NOW IN YOUTUBE: After the experience in Greenland Many had asked us for the best AUDIOVISUAL EXPERIENCE for this trip and we have listened to you! In our Youtube channel you can see the COMPLETE SERIES and then the chapter of this day without leaving the article you are reading (Victoria Falls from Zambia - and return by Dubai-) ...

He AVANI Victoria Falls Resort He has left us the last hours between his gardens (where there are even impalas today), swimming pool (beer 2 EUR) and terrace to eat an excellent pizza (13 EUR)

It's 15:30 when our transfer (also included by Mopane Game Safaris) Go through Livingstone to drop us off at the main Airport (for calling him somehow). We leave from your domestic terminal because although our locator is from Emirates, the Livingstone - Lusaka route is with a local airline to connect with the large one in the capital of Zambia.

Proflight Zambia! What a little name for a line, it looks more like a dental clinic. One day we will make a list of "weird planes" that we have to bore you, haha

Dubai on a scale of a few hours and farewell

I think I've always had worse waiting at airports than long hours on airplanes and more if they are like the great and comfortable Emirates

8 hours separated us from the futuristic Dubai, the city that grew out of nowhere in the desert, and from which I could write dozens of lines of what can be done on a scale from the moment you change some money and leave in the well-connected monorail (16 AED i / v ) to a stop in the city center. The stops at Terminal 1 and 3 are almost newly opened

Dubai is in permanent works go one year or another. It seems like a tough competition to make the most impressive macro-building or center in the country that, without a doubt, has names and surnames at the moment

He Burj Khalifa it is, with 828 meters high, the tallest structure in the world. A challenge even to the laws of gravity. A monster in the desert

But its environment is no less. Commercial macrocenters, more and more skyscrapers and even artificial lakes where fountains create real spectacles worthy of a theme park

And go up? I think we will leave it for another occasion ... more than € 100 to change! For when we stay several days in Dubai

The exit of our flight to Madrid is scheduled for 14.25, so it has given us time to buy a gift (25 AED), have breakfast at the Dubai Mall (24 AED), the largest shopping center in the world and return quietly to eat at the airport with the bonus that Emirates has given us for "long scale" (just like Iberia let's go)

After such an adventure does not deserve to spend much more time or lines to a city like Dubai. Honestly, it hasn't brought me much. Maybe because my head was already thinking about my stopover in Madrid that in less than 40 minutes allowed me to connect with A Coruña that same night thanks to Sele's help. Has been an extraordinary journey that puts an end to its daily format but I'm sure there is still a lot to tell both here and in Sele's Rincon, true? !!See you soon? my dear and beloved Botswana !!

Isaac and Sele, photo from Zambia, already from Spain

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 15 EUR and 40 AED (approx 9.60 EUR) and GIFTS: 25 AED (approx 6 EUR)