What to visit in Geneva and Lausanne


Today we have received one of those emails that encourage any content creator. There are few who we they encourage to continue writing these journals en route (although sometimes it is some day loose for the end) and others that are still surprised at how we do it (we explain it the day we we reach Liechtenstein). On our last day en route, we have continued down to the westernmost point of Switzerland, bordering Lake Geneva that we arrived yesterday. Previous stop at Lausanne, we have visited the city famous for its watches, Geneva, almost completely surrounded by French territory, although in a different way than we would have liked to have seen it.

The sunny days that accompanied us the first week of travel (Who would imagine that beautiful day knowing Zurich, the fairytale landscapes of the northwest of Switzerland, the mountains of Liechtenstein, the valleys of Heidi, the charming Lucerne or theNew Year's Eve in Bern between deep blue sky at this time of year?) they have turned into a gray sky that threatens rain It encourages us to calmly take the beginning of a day that does not call us to kick the places we have left, so we enjoy breakfast at the hotel restaurant all for us. We believe that at this time everyone who enjoyed their vacation would already be back in their homes and Montreux differs a lot from what we could have found a week ago with their market.


Farewell to Montreux

Although yesterday we were already commenting on our Arrival in Montreux after passing through the Chateau de Chillon, which was a place to enjoy more in summer, the truth is that we did not resist taking a small morning walk since we could not last night. At least to take a pleasant walk by the lake, with themed gardens "Smurfs?" or visit the venerated statue of Freddy Mercury, who spent his last years in a small house where he sought tranquility and inspiration and today represents his memory


Montreux is a quiet town at this time. Well, we really believe that it must have always been because not only did the great Mercury find his inspiration here, but also Deep Purple tells an event that happened in this town In his catchy song "Smoke on the water", what did you not know?

A short walk, paid parking (20 CHF), to get on the road again (just 30 km), and sadly subtract the time we have left to return home.

A walk through Lausanne

If we tell you Lausanne, surely everyone comes to mind the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee. Lausanne is one of the most visited places in Switzerland, perhaps because of the combination of a commercial, university and sports city and is also located on the shores of Lake Geneva, where the language is almost completely French, leaving away the German we heard the first days. Our walking tour, once parked (3 CHF for two hours), has been something similar to the following (maps of as always)…

The rain, without being intense, has prevented us from taking a quiet walk to get to know something about Lausanne, but as we had not raised anything in particular, we have been slowly enjoying what we were finding.

Thus we arrive at one of the many squares that it has, as in all Switzerland, chaired by the imposing Church of St.François (1) adorned as they are accustomed to that watch so characteristic that it makes these constructions unique. And we see with some sorrow, the remains in the form of wooden booths, of what must have been a huge Christmas market, of those that we like the Keys so much and that here in Switzerland we no longer arrive in time to enjoy them. All this in front of a long-lived building and today the great institution the Cantonal Bank


What we do not miss (because we unintentionally coincide with the day of celebration) is the street market of all kinds of stands where you can buy fruit, vegetables, all kinds of cheeses (and even flowers) and that you get to occupy, as far as we we reach, several streets of the old zone. In addition, especially picturesque is the area of Rathaus, the famous Hotel Ville (small prices must have) and the Historical Museum, which are concentrated in the reference square of the city (2)

Faced with such a scenario, we cannot resist trying something to recover energy. Being so, in its route we can cross other squares to each one more beautiful, with its trees and Christmas ornaments, and see in passing the University and the Library (3), another building that nobody would consider to house these two services. As the rain does not want to go we decided to continue by the gastronomic branch (7.50 CHF) in a cafeteria (Isaac> !! Paula golosaaa !!) and thus terminate our “unintentionally short” walk through Lausanne.


It was time to head for our last destination of more than a week through the Switzerland of the northern Alps, the medieval cities, the capitals ... and so Geneva could not be missed.

Although we were not having a bad time, today we have decided to save on accommodation and we have fallen for he ibis Genève Aéroport what's right in front of the airport, with free transfer and a basic room, where we have already left everything and thus return the car at the Airport at the last minute of the day


Walking through the historic area of ​​Geneva under the flood

Today has been one of those examples that we always say that no two travelers see the same place with the same prism. Since we arrived in Geneva everything has happened to us, although it almost deserves a "fake shots" article that can even be fun. For now, our route has been this ...

We are in the largest city in Switzerland after Zurich, located at the mouth of Lake Geneva in the Rhone and is almost completely surrounded by French territory. A large number of institutions have their headquarters here and, of course, it is the so-called city of the Clocks (although it could also be considered that of the "Swiss seafood", nothing to do with the best seafood in the world - Galician- of which we were talking in December, of course, hehe).


What we have left tomorrow we dedicate to the old area of ​​Geneva, where the first thing we find isSt.Pierre's Cathedral (1), where there are still traces that in this place there was already a Roman-Christian temple in the IV and V, and that follows that Romanesque style with Gothic elements that we have seen these days. You can climb the tower and even go down to some catacombs. And it is that the Cathedral hides something more mysterious than if it would be a unique experience, especially for Isaac, but this time it will not be able to be. In its subways are the history of this city through a 2-hour underground route. Haha, you had to see the face of grief that was left to the "underground keys"


Sheltered in a beautiful restaurant in the area (CHF 62.30), we spent almost 2 hours between eating, drinking coffee and the drowsiness of such a cozy place ... and the rain did not stop but we have no more time in the country.


Umbrellas in hand, we approach one of the most beautiful buildings in the area, with its beautiful golden domes that we already remembered having seen before in the Mount of Olives of Jerusalem, and how quickly we identify as a Russian Orthodox Church (2)

Its interior, just as "pompous" as the sight in the Holy Land, is full of ornaments, candles, carved doors and paintings of great value with images revered by many biblical characters.

Returning on our steps we pass by Place Bourg du Four (3), a small square that constitutes the heart of the historic center and that, full of coffees and chocolatiers, must be very lively at another time of the year in which time accompanies (and dilutes)


Very close, the Tavel House (4), whose construction dates from 1303, has a very beautiful facade to appreciate, and still has historical cannons and a huge model of Geneva before 1850. And today it is a museum that shows the daily life of the Genoese from the S.IV. to the 19th century which may be interesting for lovers of this type of theme.

Ok, you don't want museums ... one of curiosities, do you know where the longest bank in the world is? Well, it's that one you see green painted (5) and in a privileged place with great views right next to the park of the bastions (6). Today it doesn't seem very appealing to sit and have an ice cream here, right?

The rain begins to be increasingly intense, but we still reach the Place Neuve (7), with the monument of the Swiss general Guiom Anri Diufur on horseback, and a synagogue and the main theater that deserve to be seen.

We cross one of the bridges that separate two different areas of the population (as was already happening in Zurich or Lucerne), to the San Gervais area, and on the banks of Lake Leman and the Monument to the Duke of Brunswich (8). This area is also the one with the best buildings, with luxury hotels, expensive restaurants and large casinos.


And although our goal was to reach the Jet D'eau fountain (10), which represents the emblematic image of the city, we do not believe that today we pour as much water as we carry on it, completely openwork and even the reflex giving its first failures on a trip (and see that it has passed through Antarctica without complaining) and height of Anglais Garden (9), another beautiful park essential for sunny days (grrr), we leave our expedition (Parking for 15 CHF every hour).

Final closure to the Swiss route

We are not going to complain, because we consider that we are one of those lucky travelers who usually have luck in their destinations, but it is clear that Geneva remains to return in the future (yes, we would repeat itinerary, very complete)... and although tomorrow we will make a final summary, these 903 km of route made through Swiss lands, and it is a country that we had no great references before, we will return tomorrow completely in love with him and his places.

The rest of the day served no more than to confirm that today was not that dream day, and after returning the car at the airport (All information in "Car rental in Switzerland: comparison and prices") and catch something for dinner (CHF 30.40), we still had some inconvenience to return to the hotel, but that remains for that "promised" article of "misadventures." Tomorrow I return home to wait for the Magi!

Isaac and Paula, from Geneva (Switzerland)

EXPENSES DAY:CHF 141.10 (approx 120.09 EUR)