Deception Island and Trinity Island


What takes people on a trip like this? It is a question that I asked myself as soon as I entered Professor Molchanov. You look around and everything is smiles, created illusions, contained emotions. But, How was each one's decisions to reach such an inhospitable destiny?

Ours already know. For Manel, it was an opportunity to complete his trip to Patagonia. Josep asked him after watching a documentary on Catalan TV and overnight he "put it" in the shopping cart. For Angela it is a challenge is her life, an opportunity ... Mine, to fulfill a dream in, possibly, a unique moment in life.

But here we are 56 people. It's like a "big brother Molchanov." All together and scrambled. That is the "other experience" of this expedition. Today it is as if we all knew each other. We greet each other, have breakfast together, eat, have dinner, see each other in all parts of the ship. Flange We help us. The rest of Spaniards are completed by Toni and Carmen, Joan and Merce and Joan Olive. Toni and Carmen They are an incredibly passionate couple to travel. You can tell they enjoy the trip. Toni is a guide of the Agama agency. It was a pending destination and much of his work is research and reading. Being a guide is like a computer, you have to recycle. Joan and Merce I think it's an adorable couple. They are from those people who see them and take care of them. Merce also had a very bad time at the Drake Pass but it ended and it is as if he recovered the batteries. Joan is the first to get up and the last to go to bed. It has brought 40 reels for its analog camera. As Joan had an operation they looked for a "different" cruise and here they ended up. Joan Olive He lives in Coruña. Who was going to tell me that two "Coruña" were going to end up in Antarctica, hehe. How did I end up here? I'll find out.

But the rest are each more peculiar. Luziana, is an Italian living in Los Angeles, with blond hair, who always has a smile on her mouth. 2 months ago he decided to leave his city of residence and set out for the world. His destiny has brought him here and he does not know what he will do on the way back. Koen, "El Niño" (renowned by Josep) is 29 years old, veterinary study. It is Greek and has a good level of Spanish and English. You will be traveling 4 months. In the next few days we will talk about more ... we are already having breakfast and getting up, and we arrive at our first "landing" of the day ...

Tuesday, December 8
10'47, Port Foster, Telephon Bay, Deception Island
At 60º 44 'W, 62º 55' S

The Deception Island It is possibly the most visited and exploited island in Antarctica, also the least ecologically respected. Here virtually all Antarctic cruises stop annually. In fact, on our initial route the Molchanov did not do it and now, in our makeshift course, we are on our way and we have stopped.

This island is a ancient extinct volcano. Formerly, tourists opened holes in the beaches and managed to bathe in hot springs. Luckily, this has been banned a few years ago and is barely noticeable. However, our landing today has been special. We have not opened "gaps", but we have entered with the Molchanov inside, to the caldera of the island, and from there we have climbed a hill from which we have seen a beautiful view. But above all, the trekking, is as Manel says, of those who open a beautiful day ...

lsla Deception is also an old whaling place, and no wonder, it is an authentic natural harbor. So far the whalers came back. You have to be crazy ... or rather ... the need makes us crazy.

Today it's cold, very cold. We disembarked at Port Foster, in Telephon Bay. It shows above all because of the huge blizzard that hits as we have climbed to the highest point. My thermal sensation is very much below zero, -10º or -20º easily. Thanks that we go like onions (today I put 4 layers) but I had to change even a cap on the top, because I had the other completely wet on the outside and inside sweat.

Do you like the one Manel has left me? LOL. Go two!

The exit, through a small strait between cliffs is equally impressive. It seems incredible that we have managed to enter this boiler.

Tuesday, December 8
15'17, 60 miles from Trinity Island
At 60º 30 'W, 63º 19' S

I sit for a while to write. I haven't told you about the bar. The bar is the place where we spend the dead hours. Here we read, write, use the computer, drink, ... At night, after the long day, the bar becomes a true meeting point where all the travelers of the expedition exchange photos, opinions, illusions ...

I'm taking it right now a kind of Sopistant. He has become the big star of the bar. Both at Drake Pass, and after each landing or even before bedtime, a boiling Sopistant fixes your body.

In the bar, as in the rest of the ship, there is full confidence in the traveler. Here if someone wants something that is not "free" (coffee, tea, Sopistant, biscuits or water), take it, write it on a paper and they will load it at the end. In the "souvenir room" the same. No one. You arrive, take a sweatshirt, sign up and go. The Molchanov is an expedition ship that it is based on people's trust. Like the rooms never close. They remain always open or closed without a key.

Tuesday, December 8
21'42, Mikkelsen Harbor, Trinity Island
At 60º 47 'W, 63º 54' S

Trinity island It is more a huge snow-covered ice floe than an island itself. Although he has land, he can hardly be seen. Our "guide leader" says that even with climate change, it is incredible to see it so snowy. He landing is the hardest done so far, since there is no beach. We do it on the cliff itself, which without being too steep, if it requires getting into the cold waters to get out of the zodiak.

They take several minutes to see where they disembark on a small islet opposite called Mikkelsen Harbor. There the Gentoo penguins, or the Juanito, make their lives looking to nest in the highest snow-free tops. There they clump together.

Again, we see the spectacle of nature. The "Juanito" are a true spectacle. It is as if we were not there. They pass freely around us and make their lives.

The "Juanitos" couple it is supported, and while one incubates the egg, the other one brings stones from where it can cover it. It is a joy to observe it. It is life itself. It seems that the female lays 2 eggs and father and mother share the incubation, taking turns daily, during the 34-36 days it lasts. It would be great to see "little Juanitos", hehe. I think to myself that We are not so different from this animal. Brother Pinki

But Trinity Island, as I said before, is not just any island. In the distance, you hear colossal ice masses crug. It is the rumble as it glides towards the ocean, producing new and incredible floating icebergs ...

Going down the north face of the small islet, we find a kind of remains of some animal. It comes to my mind multitude of legends What about the Antarctic, of a host of hidden animals, such as the legend of the colossal squid that was found in 2003 in the Ross Sea. This bug is now exhibited in the National Museum of New Zealand, and was around 195 kg. In 2007, a live one, almost 500 kg and 10 m, was hunted ... This is probably out of a humpback whale or other type of whale, but ... what kind of mysteries does this continent still keep us?

Back now for the zodiaks, we can even see some cormorant, among the penguins, a bird also very typical of the area, seems to be.

Eh eh!! That we embark are us, not you! (when you see the picture you will understand, haha)

We have just finished a briefing with the leaders in the bar. Now I'm going to drink something. Tomorrow will be another day. A different day than what we have done so far ... See you tomorrow

Isaac from Antarctic waters (Antarctica)