Travel to Switzerland and Liechtenstein in 10 days


We tell you all the details and practical data necessary for the next adventure. !! We are going to a Travel to Switzerland and Liechtenstein in 10 days!!

A first look at the trip to Switzerland and Liechtenstein in 10 days

TRAVELLERS:Paula and Isaac We recount the coins we are saving all year to enjoy a Christmas destination together, as we like so much. We go back as a couple.

TRAVEL TIME: It will be of 10 days, slightly exceeding the concept of getaway so we consider it within the travel section since it would be difficult to fit into those bridges that we all enjoy annually. Our trip will go from December 27, 2013 to January 05, 2014, when the landscape will be of snowy mountains and shelters with wooden chimneys in full activity.

TYPE OF TRAVEL: Travel as a couple Travel for free.

ITINERARY:It will be updated in the "Travel Journal" section. A few days after we leave, and although we have an idea of ​​the main attractions we want to visit, we cannot tell you exactly what our route will be, although we do want to reach places. Thus we will enter through Zurich trying to reach from the East Schaffhausen and Vaduz area, going downtown to Zug, Lucerne and Bern, from the Thun and Interlaken Alps area and already going down towards our exit through Geneva, Freiburg, Montreux or Lausanne ... and among them a multitude of small towns that "cross" in our path.

The preparations, therefore, have been relatively simple, getting a good offer of flights, a rental car and some pre-accommodations to avoid problems in certain more important places

MAIN TRANSPORTATION: When we saw that offer of Iberia for € 170 each one from A Coruña with a stopover in Madrid, we could not say no. In addition, the flexibility to go / return both in Zurich and Geneva, although it would increase the car rental budget somewhat, allowed us to someday earn on the route and make it much more attractive.

These days the Spanish company is conducting a new image campaign, which we will tell you if it is just a "sheet and paint" or they will also really apply it to the services.

SECONDARY TRANSPORTS: We will have a rental car, of which you have all the information on how we choose in and the final budget on the last day of the trip

ACCOMMODATIONS:They will be updated in the "Accommodations" section. Switzerland is a country !! cariiiiiiiiiiiiimo !! I think that nobody doubted it anymore. That is why on this occasion we had to turn our head more to make some previous reservations, especially in Bern where we will try to spend New Year's Eve or in the most crowded places like Zurich, Geneva or Interlaken. Finally we have finished in:

- Zurich: Hirschen Hotel. You already have the Hirschen Hotel reviewavailable.
- Vaduz (Liechtenstein):.
- Lucerne:Hotel Restaurant Stern Luzern.
- Bern: Landhaus Hotel.
- Interlaken: .
- Montreux: Splendid Hotel.
- Geneva: ibis Genève Aéroport.


PASSPORT: We Spaniards do not need to take it either to Switzerland or to Liechtenstein.
VISA: Spanish citizens do not require a visa for either Switzerland or Liechtenstein.
DRIVING LICENSE: With the Spanish driver's license it is enough, although during this year we have processed the INTERNATIONAL DRIVING CARD at the A Coruña Traffic office, so we will take it to use it.
TRAVEL INSURANCE: Never leave WITHOUT TRAVEL INSURANCE! It is an insignificant amount with respect to what it can cost you "a bad experience without insurance". We have traveled with all types of insurance although now we always travel with IATI after the good experience of the trip to Switzerland. Do not have the slightest doubt that we tell things how they happen to us, we do not want to lose the veracity of our diaries, and it also helps us to travel, so If you need insurance and you are a CHAVETAS reader, now you save 5% by clicking here (THE DISCOUNT APPLIES DIRECTLY AND IT ALREADY APPEARS IN THE PROCESS)

LANGUAGE: German, French, Romansh and Italian are used and official depending on the area in which we find ourselves.
CURRENCY: The Swiss Franc is the official currency in both Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and its change to date of this article is 1 EUR = 1.22 CHF
CARDS: Credit cards can be used without problems since their use is widely used.
GUIDE:We will not miss the Lonely Planet that Paula fell as a gift the other day. In addition, we will try to take our guide if we take a while to prepare it, things that are complicated these days by the workload. And we do not want to miss those magical places that Swiss Christmas hides, as we have done other times

PHONE: ROAMING works perfectly with most telephone companies operating in Spain (Movistar, Vodafone ...). We may also have a local SIM to navigate, which seems to be very cheap.
INTERNET:It works perfectly, in many places with WIFI availability for free
SECURITY:Some say that Switzerland is the safest country in Europe. We will check.
VACCINES: It is not necessary any
ELECTRICITY: The voltage is 230 V / 50 Hz with plug type C (bipolar) or type J (three plugs). The former are compatible with the latter.
TIME DIFFERENCE: At this time, the time is the same as in Spain, with a daylight hours (December) from 8 in the morning to 16:30 in the afternoon.
RELIGION: Catholics and Protestants, in a percentage of 30% each, are the Christian religions with the most practitioners in Switzerland, being Islamist, Jewish or other very minority and having a high percentage of people who consider themselves agnostic or atheistic in the country. In Liechtenstein, however, 98% are considered Roman Catholic

Travel to Switzerland and Liechtenstein: An approximate budget

In a reality where any budget can be excessive, we have tried to tighten our economy to the maximum to be able to undertake the adventure again. We have also had a great help with the flights, although to reflect a budget that has not been distorted we will include its original amount (although we have not paid them):

FLIGHTS LCG-MAD-ZUR / GIN (i / v for € 170 / p)
340,00 €
900,00 €
490,00 €
300,00 €
600,00 €
TOTAL TRIP (2 PEOPLE)2.630,00 €

It has already become a tradition for the Keys to spend New Year's Eve or Kings away from home. New Year's Eve in Salzburg, Kings in Maldives, New Year's Eve in Prague or New Year's Eve in Istanbul has been the last, so this year we were not going to miss the opportunity to do it in a different place, a route that we want since we met and that recovers the most traditional Christmas that we like so much ... !! a gift that came in A few days ago! Right Paula?

!! We are going to Switzerland !!

Thus, our destination will be Switzerland, the country of the Alps and bank accounts, that of the highest peak in Europe and the one that inspired Heidi's drawings. Also, if conditions permit, we will try to reach Liechtenstein, a small country in oblivion.

Now we just have to wait. Will we be able to find those corners full of magic that we are looking for? Those shelters with their chimneys burning, that Swiss cheese, that special New Year's Eve or that highest peak in Europe? In a few days we will find out ...

Paula and Isaac, back on the road