12 essential places to see in South Greenland


Greenland is that huge island north of the globe that seems so inhospitable and, when you experience it, it seems so amazing and wonderful. The inlandis, that White desert whose ice sheet is more than 2 km thick! covers 80% of the surface, gives way to a sea of ​​icebergs and glacial languages ​​combined with the most intense green that the Vikings found upon arrival (hence the name of Greenland) and that we discovered in our trip to Greenland in 14 days. Today, for all those who ask us in networks and emails, we tell you the Must see places in South Greenland which are the icing on the cake for a unique adventure and responds to what you will be able to enjoy.

You can write them on paper, leave room for your own, and cross them out as you visit. It is a way to give a complete sense to fulfill dreams and goals and it will be a beautiful memory to which you attach a lot of privileged photographs that you take on the trip.

1 The Thousand Flowers Glacier Valley

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN The Thousand Flowers Glacier Valley

The trekking route that takes place through the Mil Flores glacier valley represents that great contrast between reality and prejudices that we bring from Spain. It is true that the route is not the simplest one there is (it has a medium level part) but it is highly recommended for a first contact of what you will find on your trip. Waterfalls, landscapes of the greenest vegetation in all of Greenland and beautiful troughs formed by glaciers thousands of years ago.

As its name implies, this valley is also an ideal place to see very different types of flowers typical of Greenland and One of the most famous trekking routes in this southern area. What if I also tell you that the final part has a prize ...?

2 Kiattut Glacier

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN The Mil Flores Glacier Valley

If you dare to do the trekking route that we mentioned in the previous stop, the valley itself will be at your feet when you start to ascend towards a huge lake with spectacular views. However, the crown jewel comes a little later when you currency before you Kiattut glacier tongue. Sometimes it seems complicated to feel absorbed in what is really a gigantic extension of ice, even more so than when you get dumbfounded before imposing churches made with enormous decoration efforts.

Not if it is because this has been done by nature itself without human presence of any kind or because the size is such that the end is not intuited but when I saw this glacier, it immediately became one of my favorite stops on the trip ...and if above it touches the picnic time much more

3 Fisherman's Market in Narsaq

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN Narsaq, icebergs and a glacier camp

Narsaq is the closest thing to aGreenlandic citylocated between valleys With all the charm you can expect from a population in which its inhabitants, no more than 1,700 on a seasonal basis, survive self-supply. She is tiny but has a school, church and some public building but, as you can imagine, they lack great locations (here I bought the only souvenirs of the trip)

However, this small town highlights its fishing activity with its Traditional port and market. Almost all the inhabitants have their own boat in which they go fishing to eat and sell, in a system of responsible and ethical consumption with the natural environment and, which from the point of view of the traveler, is a trip to the past. It is one of the most interesting points where you can lose a few minutes.

4 Qaleraliq Glacier

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN A walk through Qaleraliq, southern Greenland glacier

One of the things that I think nobody imagines of being so close to the glaciers, and I think so because before I traveled to Greenland myself I thought so, is the permanent sound they produce. There you are, surrounded by ice and, in the background and without warning, as an ambient noise that accompanies us at all times, rumbling, noise and "whining" of the ice blocks.

Something like that was thinking as we approached a new route along the Qaleraliq glacier, expectant of everything that happened, trying to exploit my senses to the fullest as if they were all going to be necessary to remember this experience. By the way, walking through crampons on the icy mass has led us to one of the most spectacular pictures of the whole adventure.

5 Lake Tasersuatsiaq

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN Inlandis, a viewpoint to the white desert You will find everything about our stop at Lake Tasersuatsiaq.

This lake was born as a result of the water thaw stalled between sedimentary formations and, from there, this lake formed. This stop is linked on the same route with the following one, which is one of the star visits on any trip to Greenland, so you can fit your way through this lake without any problem and add another incredible landscape to your list of ideal viewpoints on the island that I described in8 Greenland viewpoints with infinite beauty

As I said, this stop was within a route and, at that point a break was appreciated, even if it was only for stop to breathe and "hunt" (photographically speaking) some caribou along the way HOW TO TRAVEL TO GREENLAND? SPECIALIZED AGENCY

Southern Greenland is a wild and isolated environment, lacking roads, or mobile coverage in many of the places and where the closest thing to the logistics that can be found goes through expensive helicopters or internal flights, in the absence of any boat that could provide us with that function (there are no public ones). In my opinion, and after my experience, it is one of those destinations that is worth exploring with one of the few really specialized agencies that have been working for years as the Spanish Polar Lands by Ramón Larramendi, a pioneer in this area and the company's star trip (they mobilize huge logistics every year in addition to having their own camps and boats). You can read all our reflection to choose the trip inHow to travel to Greenland? Specialized agency

6 Mirador alInlandis

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN Inlandis, a viewpoint to the white desert

If I had to stay with an essential place to visit in the south of Greenland would be this spectacular viewpoint. It's something like if you travel to Paris and don't let yourself fall through the Eiffel Tower, even for a while. The infinite ice, the second polar ice cap after Antarctica, the Greenland White Desert, the Inlandis, seen from a privileged position high on the mountain with the glacial tongues of Qaleraliq at our feet

Such is the beauty of what we have before our eyes that, at this point, we feel, I think the whole team, that the trip has already been worth it. Even feeling the tiredness in the legs of the long route that we are carrying ... If one day you ask me what has been the best picnic of my life, I will certainly think about Greenland and this balcony towards the most inhospitable nature

7 Igaliku

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN Igaliku and the Path of the Kings

At this point in the article, no one will doubt that southern Greenland (the one that the Vikings came to at the time) is composed of a very green landscape, with valleys, lakes, lots of vegetation ... But sometimes we are blinded by the image of that island that is a huge mass of ice. To the south of the island, where we are, is that part of Greenland, with colorful houses and full of life, visually speaking.

It is precisely here where Igaliku, the considered most beautiful town and we understand the reasons why, really, it is very beautiful. In addition, the landscape that is drawn in the background is very relaxing and recharges us inside. I sit here watching the landscape for a while ... are you coming?

8 Qooroq Glacier

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN Igaliku and the Path of the Kings

This is one of the most active glaciers in Greenland and it's the typical landscape you imagine before coming, a fjord full of huge blocks of ice floating. The truth is that when you are near one of those huge ice formations you feel so so small and insignificant that it scares, but it is, at the same time, an incredible feeling. Here we have found more white than blue of the sea and, as a result, a beautiful picture of real statues and ice castles.

Being as close to the glaciers (and in general of nature as we have been during this trip) gives us a lot to think about how much we should try to take care of this planet In which we live. At least, we have to try, everyone, because it's our house and we only have this one.

9 Narsarsuaq Museum

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN Narsarsuaq, an airport with a lot of history

A museum? But perhaps not just any one but one of those essential places that not only tell the story but are part of it. And is that the Narsarsuaq Museum is accessed through the Blue ice coffeeand tells the origins and evolution of the period in which the airport was the American Blue-West One base since 1941.

It is a good visit that serves as a contrast to the Greenland of nature and where, in addition, lovers of the esoteric can visit a Very mysterious old hospital. The official website of the Narsarsuaq Museum is not that it contains much information but it will give you the basis of what you will find inside.

10 Tasiusaq

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN Tasiusaq, a bath in the Arctic

Although Tasiusaq is the goal, it is fair to recognize that all the trekking that connects Qassiarsuk and Tasiusaq is a true paradise for hiking enthusiasts. The prize, one small town on the banks of an impressive bay full of icebergs, with its green wooden houses, with its red tractors and that ice show as a backdrop. It is also a good place to learn more about the Inuit population, the gentilicio of the inhabitants of Greenland. What stands out in this population is its ability to live in nature with the least possible impact, they hunt what is necessary to survive and offer such respect to the nature that impresses.

This town has its own "cosmogony" also known as the system about the origin and evolution of the universe, and it is exciting. We recommend that you read about this topic before your trip.

11 Icebergs Bay andEqaloruutsit glacier

FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN Kayaking in the Icebergs Bay

This is the last glacier that we added to this list of 12 essential places to see in South Greenland (and there are 4) because it is part of the "essence" of an adventure trip to this destination. Of course, there are many other glaciers but these are some of the most accessible. So much so that to get here you can perform a very special activity ...

…  Kayak in the Icebergs Bay from Tasiusaq A totally recommended experience! If we normally give importance to different travel experiences ... in this one even more! Because, I assure you, the vision of huge icebergs passing by or bordering glaciers at water level is something very different from seeing it from the front and, in addition, nothing similar to what you can imagine. If you also allow yourself to spend a night camping in the middle of nowhere under the stars, the privilege of dawn with a small trekking to see the "ice bucket" Eqaloruutsit glacier, the experience is simply perfect


FULL STORY AND PHOTOS IN Brattahlid, the capital of the Viking Greenland

We have been talking about the Vikings throughout the article (and in the newspaper itself) but, what if I tell you that we are in the same place where Erik the Red arrived a few centuries ago after being declared outlaw and sentenced to exile? Qassiarsuk was the first Viking settlement and there emerges a slender figure in honor of Leif, son of Erik, who watches the fjord from above.

Brattahlid is the name of your private farm, which can be considered Viking Greenland capital, and even today you can visit the house with the hermitage of Erik El Rojo's wife, a memorial mural and other legacies of the Viking culture in these lands.

A magical site The camp ofHalibut

Perhaps this is not a stop to see but more to enjoy as one of your "accommodations" where luxury ceases to be important, in terms of amenities, and resides in the views that you can enjoy freely, especially when the night falls under a million stars or who knows? if under a northern lights already in summer. This is a true free buffet. This is one of the momentazos that I took from the trip, When I was sitting there I knew that I would never forget those views in life. You can read all our adventure in theFletanes glacier camp in Qaleraliq here.

What do you think about these 12 essential places in South Greenland? The truth is that my trip to Greenland was a unique and unique experience that I never thought could be so close at hand. Would you like Oli to discover the huge and endless island of Greenland in the future? Maybe we start again from the south, right?

Isaac, from the always wonderful southern Greenland