The British Museum and other visits


We already know that we are a little more lost than other times, but we want to make the most of the time, that we are only 3 days around here. !!! We are ecstatic !!! It was a tiring day but it was well worth it.

We started the day very early in A Coruña, where the day dawned beautiful. Clickair, as you have already seen in our PREPARATIONS,would be our transport

Is incredible fly over london From the plane, get off approaching Heathrow and go very close to the Tamesis, the Eye London, to that multitude of small London typical houses. Isaac was circling 20 minutes in that sea of ​​sheep that looked like the sky, with a multitude of planes around, flying over the surroundings of London waiting for a track to land. And it is that London has neither more nor less than 5 airports. By the way, Clickair very well at the moment, new planes, nice flight. The only downside, punctuality, has left 20 minutes late from A Coruña.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This newspaper was made on the v1 of this website, when we wrote only and exclusively for the family, so it is not as complete as the rest. However, you will find more information in the travel guide to Stonehenge, Bath and Bristol of 2011 and we will be back soon to make a much more complete diary

We arrived at London's Terminal 2, and without a minute to lose we took the Heathrow Express (we already took round trip for 58 pounds) and in 15 minutes we were in Paddigon Station. We had several options to choose from, but we wanted to make the most of the day and decided to go as quickly as possible.


Although we always give you all the information to organize transfers on your own, if you have little time or prefer something easy, you have the following option NO LANGUAGE PROBLEM and with VERY GOOD OPINIONS from other travelers. The transfer from London can be from airport to hotel (the driver will wait for you with a sign) or vice versa, and even transfers in the city. The price is per vehicle (NOT person)

Transfer Airport-Hotel in London

And the hotel cerquisma, 2 minutes walk, without any problem. We'll tell you about him, from a Galician family, and in a typical British cottage, a quaint pimp (£ 75 a night with breakfast, a total of £ 235.25 when paying with a visa), the Balmoral House Hotel. It was going out and not being able to avoid taking the picture with us (we only took 400 photos, jiji)typical london cabin

Subway (10,20 pounds Daycard all day) and the big attraction of the day ... !! THE BRITISH MUSEUM !! And those wonderful snacks were worth something, because we were hungry ... It was almost 1 in the afternoon and we could not start the visit without gaining strength. Delicious! To give you an idea, 1 water and 1 coca have cost us 2 pounds.

The British museum deserves a mention apart, it is immense, labyrinthine, complete. Not even 1 week would give time to see it. We took an audio guide in Spanish of the museum's "highligts" (3.5 pounds each) and helped us to make our own tour. It goes without saying that the museum is free, something very much appreciated.

Without going to assess whether it is stolen, looted or kidnapped, say that the collections of Greece, Rome and especially Egypt are SPECTACULAR. Those mummies are the most frightening and spectacular I've seen in a museum. Of course the museum it deserves a separate article that will have it, so we will limit ourselves to putting pictures of one of the "highlights" of the museum. By the way, the audio guide in Spanish is highly recommended (3.5 pounds each, 7 pounds)

We go out with a mixture of hallucinated and exhausted. The impression is that if you really want to take advantage of this museum or live in London, or take it easy for themes. We left so tired that we decided to treat ourselves to a cool beer (3.40 pounds) on a very cool terrace in the Museum Taverne

Taking advantage of the good weather, we turn to Covent Garden, to Picadilly and Trafalgar Sq. We were especially surprised to see that central London, far from being pointless chaos like other big cities, is a very picturesque and varied place. Here I have to admit (Isaac), that London, or England, or the British Isles in general had never attracted me, maybe something else Ireland. !!How wrong I was!!!. That environment, very different from what I expected from this great city, was being extremely welcoming and friendly.

Hunger reappeared, and a busy restaurant leaving Covent Garden, on the corner of Southampton Street, looked good. It was a good time to hit us deserved dinner.

The place chosen was Paradiso and Inferno, where we dined 2 plates for 35.55 pounds.

From there we decided that today is enough, tomorrow we have a very "promising" day. He Balmoral House Hotel he's waiting for us. Good night London!

Isaac, from London (United Kingdom)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 351.40 Pounds (Approx 506 euros, including hotel and Heathrow Express)